Water Washout Tester

Introducing the Water Washout Tester – the ultimate solution for determining the amount of sample loss in a lubricated ASTM ball bearing. This top-of-the-line tester rotates the ball bearing at 600rpm in a modified bearing/housing assembly while simultaneously impinging the bearing with a jet of water at the specified flow rate and temperature.

The tared bearing and bearing shields are weighed before installation in the bearing housing and again after testing and drying to determine the amount of sample loss. With a reservoir, bearing housing, circulation system, and drive motor, this tester is equipped with everything you need to get the job done quickly and accurately.

The reservoir comes with a cartridge heater, thermoregulator, and thermometer port for accurate temperature control at 100°F and 175°F (38°C and 79°C) per ASTM specifications. The circulation system includes a constant velocity carbon bearing gear pump, valves, and flowmeter directing a controlled water flow to a capillary (1mm) spray nozzle aimed at the bearing housing.

The rugged 1⁄3hp drive motor rotates the test bearing at 600rpm while driving the circulation pump. A two-pulley system permits independent pump operation to circulate water while heating it to the test temperature. Mounted on a finished steel base with locating feet for permanent benchtop placement, this tester is easy to use and built to last.

The Water Washout Tester conforms to ASTM D1264, D4950, and related specifications. It also comes with a range of accessories, including a graduated cylinder, 50 mL, and a test bearing.

The tester is designed to pack a grease sample in a ball bearing and subject it to a steady water stream under controlled test conditions. The percentage of grease washed out in a one-hour period is determined by weight.

With ±1°F (±0.5°C) sensitivity for temperature control, the Water Washout Tester ensures consistent and accurate results every time. It is available in 115V 60Hz, Single Phase, 10.1A, 220-240V 50Hz, Single Phase, 5.1A, and 220-240V 60Hz, Single Phase, 5.1A electrical requirements.

The dimensions of the tester are 18x12x183⁄4 in. (46x3Ox48 cm), and it has a net weight of 65 lbs (29.5 kg). Additional accessories, including a test bearing, motor speed calibration kit, temperature calibration kit, and ASTM 15F and 15C thermometers, are also available.

Get the Water Washout Tester today and experience the ultimate in precision and reliability for determining the amount of sample loss in a lubricated ASTM ball bearing.

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