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Introducing the New Multi N/C x300 series

Next-Gen Laboratory TOC/TNb

Crafted with you in mind and tailored for your needs, the new multi N/C x300 series introduces TOC/TNb analysers designed to significantly streamline your daily lab operations. 

These analysers blend tried-and-tested technologies with unparalleled user-friendliness, enhancing the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity of your TOC/TNb measurements.

Thanks to smart design and advanced automation features, these devices offer increased processing capacity with minimal total ownership costs, all the while lightening your team’s workload. 

The multi N/C x300 analysers’ durability and reliability mark them as a wise, long-term asset. They consistently produce dependable results, making them perfect for any cross-laboratory comparison.

Experience TOCnology: a leap forward in TOC/TNb analysis. Take advantage of our deep-rooted knowledge, services for analyser qualification and software validation, bespoke technical and application support, as well as appealing finance options for acquiring your equipment.

Watch Our Video: Custom TOCnology with the multi N/C x300 analysers.

Streamlining Lab Efficiency:

The multi N/C x300 Series Enhances Your Analytical Capabilities, Team Focus, and Customer Engagement. These analysers achieve such improvements through advanced technology that boosts throughput and optimises processes while minimising maintenance and maximising user-friendliness. 

This approach not only cuts down on training time and daily tasks for your team but also elevates your laboratory’s productivity. The straightforward operation and reduced need for time-intensive activities like calibration will surely impress your lab personnel

multiNCx300 simple-exchange-consumables
Simple exchange of consumables
Long term stable calibration
multiNCx3000 direct-introduction-solid-samples
Direct introduction of solid samples
No sample dilution necessary

Maximising Time with TOCnology

Enhanced Efficiency and Reliability in TOC Analysis: 

  • Extended Calibration Stability: Calibrations remain accurate for up to one year, reducing the need for frequent recalibrations.
  • No Sample Dilution Required: High TOC samples can be analysed directly, simplifying preparation steps.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Consumables are easily accessible and quickly replaceable, minimising downtime.
  • Seamless Sample Loading: Add samples without halting current measurements, enhancing throughput.
  • Versatile Sample Analysis: Switch between liquid and solid samples without changing the hardware setup.
  • Simplified Solid Sample Preparation: No need for milling or wrapping, with the capacity for samples up to 3g.
  • Automated Sample Preparation: Automatic acidification and purging streamline the preparation process.
  • Peace of Mind with Unattended Operation: Run analyses confidently with minimal supervision.
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Discover More in Our Webinar

Missed Our Webinar? Watch Now and Explore How the Multi N/C x300 Series Can Benefit You, Direct from Our Experts.

Duration: ~45 minutes
Language: English
Speakers: Simone Moos and Bernd Bletzinger, Product Managers at Analytik Jena

Do time constraints often prevent you from focusing on what truly matters during your workday? The multi N/C x300 series TOC/TNb analysers are here to reclaim that precious time for you – enabling deeper focus on your analytical results, educational responsibilities, customer interactions, and team collaboration, all while ensuring profitable operations and delivering reliable results for any inter-laboratory comparison.

Particle Handling

The multi N/C 2300 and multi N/C 3300 analysers set the standard in analysing particle-rich samples, thanks to their distinctive injection and rinsing methodologies. These approaches not only mitigate sample carryover but also extend the lifespan of the equipment.

Multi N/C 2300: Precision Injection for Complete Transfer
The multi N/C 2300 employs a microlitre syringe to directly inject samples into the combustion furnace, ensuring the entire sample, particles included, is fully transferred as the syringe empties from top to bottom. Additionally, the syringe benefits from both external rinsing and thermal cleaning, virtually eliminating any risk of sample carryover.

Multi N/C 3300: Innovative Sample Loop for Enhanced Efficiency
Alternatively, the multi N/C 3300 introduces a large-diameter sample loop for sample uptake, contrasting the syringe approach. This allows for the complete introduction of the sample, including particles, into the furnace. Following injection, the system undergoes thorough rinsing, including backwashing into the autosampler’s waste container, to ensure cleanliness and readiness for the next sample.

These advanced features underscore our commitment to providing solutions that cater to the challenges of particle-rich sample analysis, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and longevity of your laboratory’s analytical capabilities.

Introducing the Family: The New multi N/C x300 Series

The Expert: multi N/C 2300

A combustion analyser designed for the assessment of samples rich in particles and for small-volume samples, tailored to address precise analytical requirements.

The Versatile: multi N/C 3300

Whether dealing with samples containing high-levels particles or salt or even if exceptionally pure, this combustion analyser is fine-tuned for efficient high throughput, providing the perfect solution for handling various sample types.

The Trace Analyst: multi N/C 4300 UV

A highly sensitive and accurate UV digestion instrument, perfectly designed for the analysis of ultra-pure water, capable of detecting trace elements even without the use of persulfate.

TOCnology - Uncover Your Benefits

A collaboration that advances your journey

Driven by our enthusiasm for exacting engineering, outstanding bespoke service, and our proficiency in applications, we develop solutions to ensure your success.

Extra time for what's important

Driven by our enthusiasm for exacting engineering, outstanding bespoke service, and our proficiency in applications, we develop solutions to ensure your success.Easy to use, smart automation, low calibration and upkeep needs: our equipment provides the essential asset – time. Direct your attention to what truly counts: your outcomes, your team, your clients.

An eco-friendly investment

Our TOC/TNb analysers merge cost-efficiency with environmental sustainability through minimal staff involvement, high throughput efficiency, long-lasting components, and frugal consumption of consumables.

As adaptable as the challenges you face

Advanced technologies, tailored extensions, and extra modules enable you to effortlessly analyse the most complex matrices, delivering dependable results whether for interlaboratory comparisons or in strictly regulated settings.

All details in one view

The new device software, featuring an intuitive user interface, audit trail, user management, and much more, enhances the efficiency of your TOC/TNb analysis and meets the highest standards of data integrity.

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