Wastecare Ltd use Rigaku NEX CG for Waste Pre-Acceptance Analysis

Recently Wastecare Ltd were looking for an instrument that could provide fast pre-acceptance analysis for key elements at a newly acquired facility in the southeast UK.

They had been given information by other waste recycling companies that the Rigaku NEX CG was widely used for this so approached SciMed the UK distributor for information.

SciMed were pleased to provide information resulting in Wastecare making this purchase.

Installation was carried out quickly to meet the needs of Wastecare with training being carried out at the SciMed labs to offer theoretical and practical knowledge as well as onsite with the instrument.

RIGAKU NEX-CG XRF ready for waste sample analysis

Wastecare commented on their experience:

“We are extremely pleased with the service, training and support we have received throughout the use of the XRF machine. It has been an absolute god send in our laboratory because we have been able to carry out pre – acceptance analysis in house now, rather than sending the samples out to a sub-contractor. For this we would wait weeks for results, with the XRF the whole procedure takes less than 30 minutes! Due to the nature of our work within the hazardous waste industry, it is vital we know exactly what we are processing through our facility – through using the XRF we have been able to identify various elements making up an unknown solid, liquid or powder”

Sample preparation is straight forward and for all material types is easy and uses a sample cup supported by a thin film as indicated in the picture below where cups and film are stored ready for use.

A small manual press is also provided for solid samples (see right).   The clean area shown below is set aside for preparation.

XRF sample preparation station for samples to be used on the RIGAKU NEX-CG

SciMed are pleased to support Wastecare in their analysis requirements and look forward to offering support and training for years to come.