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Customer Testimonial

installation of an Analytik Jena ICP-MS

Marfleet Analytical

SciMed Ltd is proud to showcase our partnership with Marfleet Analytical Services, a collaboration that has greatly enhanced their laboratory capabilities in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical testing.

 This relationship started with Marfleet’s need for advanced heavy metal analysis, leading to the installation of an Analytik Jena ICP-MS system in their lab.

Key Benefits:

  1. Space Efficiency: The compact ICP-MS system optimized lab space.
  2. Cost Reduction: Significant operational cost savings, particularly in liquid argon usage, due to the transition to cylinder gases.
  3. Enhanced Capabilities: SciMed’s comprehensive support, including training and technical advice, has greatly increased Marfleet’s analytical proficiency.

This partnership has not only technologically advanced Marfleet but also set new industry standards, especially in environmental and cosmetic testing. It has improved data credibility across various sectors.

John Edwards from Marfleet comments on the transformative impact of the collaboration, highlighting the major operational and cost benefits.

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About Marfleet Analytical Services

Marfleet Analytical Services Ltd operates as a standalone consultancy-driven laboratory that focuses on the examination and assessment of various substances and goods across a broad spectrum of industries, which include but are not limited to, the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetic, Food, and Specialty Chemical sectors

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