SciMed has the tools you need for elemental analysis of paper, glass, metals, paint, minerals and gunshot residues by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). Compared with XRF and other traditional spectroscopic methods, it offers significant advantages in speed, sensitivity and cost effectiveness.

FireFly LIBS System by Lightigo

FireFly LIBS System: Rapid Multi-Elemental Analysis by Lightigo

FireFly LIBS System by Lightigo Rapid multi-elemental analysis and chemical imaging with FireFly. OVERVIEW | FEATURES | VIDEO | ABOUT | ENQUIRE / CALL BACK Product Overview The FireFly by Lightigo is a cutting-edge laboratory analytical instrument that harnesses the power of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for swift multi-elemental analysis and chemical imaging. Designed for solid samples, this device offers unparalleled spatial resolution and scanning rates, making it a leader in its field. Features & Benefits Depth Profiling Multi-layer Analysis Laser Flexibility Easy Wavelength Switching Cost-Efficient Wide Element Detection Key features & benefits Rapid Multi-Elemental Analysis: Utilizes LIBS and OES…