Gamry Potentiostats interface to a Windows-compatible computer through either a USB port or PCI slots. Gamry can provide either a desktop or a notebook computer for your application, or you may purchase your computer independently.


Gamry offers a complete library of electrochemical application software for Windows. Electrochemical experiments are performed in the Gamry Framework™ and the data is analysed in the Gamry Echem Analyst™. As all experiments have the same look and feel, learning a new application is straightforward and easy. Custom experiments can be accomplished with Open Source Scripting.

PHE200™ Physical Electrochemistry Software

The PHE200 provides a complete library of electrochemical techniques for characterising electrochemical reaction mechanisms and studying the electrode interface:

• cyclic voltammetry
• chronoamperometry
• chronopotentiometry
• chronocoulometry
• controlled potential coulometry
• linear sweep voltammetry

PV220™ Pulse Voltammetry Software

The PV220 Software is a companion to the PHE200. The extraordinary sensitivity of the pulse technique allows electrochemical measurements to be made at very low concentrations. The PV220 includes the following techniques:

• square wave voltammetry
• differential pulse voltammetry
• normal pulse voltammetry
• reverse normal pulse voltammetry
• sampled DC voltammetry
• generic pulse

EIS300™ Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Software

EIS is a powerful tool for a wide range of applications. Using the unique Sub- Harmonic Sampling, Gamry has civilised EIS – it’s accurate, it’s easy to use and it’s affordable. With a frequency range from 10 Hz to 1 MHz and an impedance range from m ohm to T ohm (1012 ohms), the EIS300 exhibits outstanding performance.

Gamry offers the widest range of EIS techniques, including potentiostatic, galvanostatic, and hybrid (great for batteries and fuel cells). The EIS300 works nicely with the ECM8™ Multiplexer for automated measurements of multiple samples. The EIS300 includes a powerful modeling program to interpret your EIS data. Build your model with a click-and-drag Model Editor. Fit the data to the model using either a Levenberg-Marquardt or a Simplex algorithm.

DC105™ DC Corrosion Techniques Software

The DC105 software includes 14 electrochemical techniques for the study of corrosion. Corrosion rates can be measured using Polarisation Resistance or Tafel Plots. Potentiodynamic plots, Cyclic polarisation, and Critical pitting potential are available to evaluate passivity and pitting. Using the ECM8 Multiplexer, up to eight samples can be measured automatically by the DC105. Thanks to the floating design of Gamry Potentiostats, you can take them to the field with a notebook computer and perform measurements on pipelines and vessels.

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