New ICP-OES Optical Emission Spectroscopy: PlasmaQuant® PQ 9100

Analytik Jena has a long tradition in developing high-performance precision analytical systems which dates back to the inventions made by Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss. The Analytical Instrumentation business unit offers our customers complete solutions in the fields of optical spectroscopy, sum parameters and elemental analysis.


Such is the quality of the design and engineering of the PQ 9100 ICP-OES an industry leading 10-year warranty is offered on the optical components.

The PlasmaQuant® PQ 9100 is a unique High-Resolution ICP-OES instrument for the elemental analysis of demanding samples in difficult-to-handle matrices such as brine, metals or petrochemicals. The advanced optics allow the instrument to cover analyte concentrations ranging from ultra-trace level to high-percentages with minimal sample dilution.

  • High Resolution Optics (with a resolution as low as 0.002nm) allow for the determination of trace amounts of elements in the most complex matrices without the need for sample preparation or dilution.Only the PQ 9100 ICP-OES can remove common spectral interferences, so avoiding the typical compromises in wavelength selection seen in traditional ICP-OES systems, thus allowing the primary line to be used for all elements regardless of the matrix and/or other elements present.

Example 1: As and Cd total separation

Example 2: Hg resolved from matrix peak

  • The V Shuttle Torch ensures a deposit-free and trouble-free plasma performance, for all sample matrices. The fully demountable torch is designed to both simplify maintenance and minimize any handling needs. All gas connections are internal and connected via simple plug-and-play connections as the torch moves along the guide rail.

  • Dual View Plus enables the determination of high and low abundance components without serial dilutions or complex sample preparation. Altering the angle on the radial and axial views allows tuning of the system to extend the working range even further.

Dual View Plus means you can be guaranteed to be using the best plasma observation mode thus ensuring you get the best results regardless of matrix, interferences or concentration levels. Every time, in one sample sequence.

  • High Frequency Generator – the free-running 40 MHz RF generator produces an incredibly robust plasma with a wide-ranging freely selectable power input of 700 to 1700 W. It is possible to analyse challenging matrices, such as brines and volatile organic solvents, directly and without interference using standard parameters; there is no need to change the injector diameter, for example.

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