The RIGAKU NEX-CG is an ED(P)-XRF with ultra high performance.

The (P) stands for Polarised X-ray optics. This particular X-ray optical configuration combined with a high performance detector has led to the highest performance benchtop X-ray spectrometer to date.

The NEX-CG allows for high precision sample screening of unknown samples from sub ppm up to percentage levels.

The NEX CG can be used for routine applications where a high level of performance is required.

It ca also be used to screen totally unknown samples such  waste samples, oild slurries  and many other similar applications. Soils, rocks and other geological materials can be accurately screened.

This is enabled by the powerful SQ-FP standardless program from RIGAKU. This unique tool developed  by RIGAKU simply makes the NEX-CG a unique tool for rapid and accurate unknown sample screening. In the waste industry for example, incoming waste can be accurately segregated with minimal sample preparation.

The RIGAKU NEX-CG can also uses RIGAKU’s Patented ULTRA CARRY filter method. The ULTRA CARRY filters are designed to accurately evaporate aqueous samples. This method brings the limits of detection of many metals down to 20ppb (0.02ppm) and better!


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Key Features

• High Performance Silicon Drift detector (SDD, no need for liquid nitrogen)

• Polarised optics using cartesian geometry for unprecedented limits of detection, especially in light matrices

• Powerful software analytical tools to get the most accurate data. This includes Matching Libraries and RIGAKU profile fitting deconvolution

• SQ-FP standardless program. Compared to the standard Fundamental Parameters usually offered on XRF sepctrometers, this package offers enhanced accuracy using matrix correction of the un-measurable light elements, accounts for density and geometric variations. This is why we confidently call it a 3/4 quant program rather than the usual semi quant!

• User Friendly software with very simple interface

• Special “Ultra Carry” for low ppb detection limits of aqueous based samples












What are the benefits of using Polarised X-Rays?

The prime reason for applying a Cartesian Geometry and there fore polarising the optics is to eliminate the spectral background caused by back scattered X-rays. Just as polarised lenses in sun glasses remove the glare from the run reflections, so do X-ray polarised x-rays no longer back scatter into the detector. This leads to up to 10 times more sensitive analysis and therefore sub ppb LOD’s rather than low ppm.Need more information:For further information, prices or if you want to talk to someone at SciMed about this product please click below.

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The NEX-CG has been been a best seller since its launch in the UK. The main applications where it has been sold are those where the key features have been best put to use:

• General waste testing: waste oil and chemicals, industrial and domestic waste. The requirements combine the need to obtain as accurate answers as possible in totally unknown samples, as well as being able to detect the lowest levels of toxic metals. In many cases the unique combination that the NEX-CG offers will allow similar performance compared to an ICP-OES, and without all the sample preparations and high running costs

• Laboratories where different samples are tested each day. In such situations it becomes a challenge and very time consuming to be continuously calibrating a spectrometer to cope with the variability. Thanks to the SQ-FP standardless program it becomes possible to carry out such tests with minimal time and/or only a single calibration that lasts for years. When the extra level of accuracy is required, the user can create a Matching Library using a range of samples with known concentrations. Such laboratories include Industrial Process Laboratories, Contract Laboratories, University Laboratories and also general-purpose technical centres or central laboratories.

• You can request a copy of any of the applications notes listed below: 

1951_Rigaku NEX CG Air Filters EPA Detection Limits

 1918_Rigaku NEX CG ASTM D4929 Cl in Crude 

1869_Rigaku NEX CG Ni Laterite Ore 

1853_Rigaku NEX CG Fiberglass 2018 11

1792_Rigaku NEX CG Lube Oils by ASTM D7751

 1753_NEX CG Customer Report generic for Waste Oils & Secondary Fuels

1707_Rigaku NEXCG EPA Ter3 Gasoline

 1472_Rigaku NEX CG Analysis of Glass & Raw Materials 

1432_Rigaku NEX CGS Ultra-Low Cl in Crude Oil Rev1 

 1385_Rigaku NEX CG Agri cultural Soils Plant Material 

 1279_Rigaku NEX CG Analysis of Animal Feeds 

1241_Rigaku NEX CG Analysis of Gemstones

1108_Rigaku NEXCG Analysis of Limestone

1034_Rigaku NEX CG Analysis of Rocks 

1103_Rigaku NEX CG Nickel Ore Processing 

1025_RigakuNEX CG Lube Oils (FP) 

1024_Rigaku NEX CG ULSD Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel


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You can also visit the Rigaku website for more product details by clicking their logo below:

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