The MRS 5000

The MRS 5000 is the answer to your high pressure parallel reactor needs. With six vessels that can be individually pressurised, heated and stirred. Each vessel is fitted with a thermocouple and transducer for continuous monitoring of temperature and pressure. The process controller supplied with the system also means that all of this information is logged and can be viewed graphically in real time.


Will it go to the temperature and pressure that I need?

The MRS 5000 has an upper working temperature of 300°C.

Need a higher temperature or more vessels? Have a look at the Multi-Vessel Set-Ups.

Does it come in my size?
For many applications, Yes!

The MRS 5000 is available with 45ml or 75ml vessels.

Need a larger volume or more vessels? Have a look at the Multi-Vessel Set-Ups.

What do I get?
The MRS 5000 comes as standard as a package complete with:

  • Vessels
  • Stand
  • Controller
  • Spares kit

Is there any training and support available after I buy one?

All Stirred Parr reactors bought through SciMed Ltd come with a complimentary installation and training service, conducted by a supplier trained engineer. You will also have access to spare parts and advice by contacting your local SciMed Ltd product manager, or by calling the office or filling in an online enquiry form.

You can also visit the Parr website for more product details by clicking on their logo below:

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