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Acid Digestion Vessels for Chemical Synthesis and Sample Preparation

Acid Digestion Vessels for efficient laboratory sample preparation and chemical analysis. 

Product Overview

The Acid Digestion Vessels, manufactured by Parr Instrument Company, are the safest vessels of their type on the market. Useful for both chemical synthesis and mineral acid digestion, they are available for use in ovens, or microwave ovens.

Their PTFE lining means that they can handle strong acids or alkalis, even under elevated temperatures and pressures, making them indispensable for modern laboratories.

Features & Benefits


Rapid Dissolution

Microwave Acid Digestion

Versatile Use

Inorganic or Organic Samples

Pure Analysis

PTFE Chemical Inertness

Key applications of Acid Digestion Vessels

  • Microwave Acid Digestion: Enables rapid sample dissolution using a standard microwave oven.
  • Versatility: Suitable for inorganic or organic samples.
  • Durability: Can withstand strong acids or alkalis.
  • Safety: Vessels designed with integrated safety relief.
  • PTFE Chemical Inertness: Ensures no corrosion of the vessel.
  • Sealed Pressure Vessel: For operations under elevated temperatures and pressures.
  • Compatibility: Works with mineral acids like HF, aqua regia.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines analytical procedures with microwave heating

About the Acid Digestion Vessels

In the realm of laboratory samples preparation, the need for efficient, safe, and accurate chemical analysis is paramount. Traditional methods often fall short, especially when dealing with challenging samples that require the use of strong acids or alkalis. Enter the Acid Digestion Vessels, a groundbreaking solution developed by Parr Instrument Company Inc.

These vessels are a revolution in sample preparation. With the capability to facilitate acid digestion at elevated temperatures and pressures, they ensure rapid and complete dissolution of both inorganic and organic samples.

Giles parr vessels

Their design, which can withstand the harshest of chemicals and extreme conditions, ensures that the widest possible range of reactants can be used. The PTFE chemical inertness guarantees corrosion resistance, meaning that the even the harshest chemicals can be used safely.

Safety is a paramount concern in laboratories. Parr Acid Digestion Vessels are designed with integrated safety relief devices, ensuring that it is not possible to overpressure the vessel. The pressure vessel design allows operations under elevated temperatures and pressures, expanding the range of samples that can be processed.

Parr Acid Digestion Vessels are the safest fully PTFE lined vessels on the market and comply with relevant pressure vessel engineering and safety directives.

"Parr's Acid Digestion Vessels prepare lab samples for analysis,
enabling digestion in acids or alkalis at high temperatures and pressures
with secure containment"


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Product FAQ's

Their integrated safety relief devices are a unique design feature and make Parr Acid Digestion Vessels unique int eh market.

Yes, they are designed to work with a range of mineral acids.

It ensures that the sample does not adversely affect the vessel, meaning strong acids and corrosive substances can be used.

Parr offers two types of Acid Digestion Vessel, one suitable for heating in a conventional laboratory oven, and one suitable for heating in a microwave oven.

Their design includes and integrated safety relief device that prevents overpressurisation.

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