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Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST)

Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST)

Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST) is a low thermal-inertia calorimeter used for assessing chemical reaction hazards and gathering upset process design data.

Product Overview

The Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST) is a low thermal-inertia calorimeter designed to obtain critical upset process design data. Developed by Fauske & Associates, the ARSST is a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool for process safety screening, particularly for materials with limited knowledge. It’s well-suited for basic safety tests, energetic materials testing, and external heating or fire exposure scenarios, providing reliable data for various safety applications.

Features & Benefits

Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST)

Low Thermal-Inertia

Quick, Accurate Testing

In-Situ Dosing

Realistic Simulation

Heat of Reaction

Understanding Chemistry

Key applications

  • Low Thermal-Inertia Calorimeter: Enables quick and accurate testing providing data suitable for scale-up calculations.
  • Adiabatic Temperature and Pressure Rise Rates Measurement: Essential for safety analysis.
  • Heat of Reaction or Mixing Determination: Provides critical insights into reaction chemistry.
  • Time-to-Maximum-Rate (TMR) and SADT Assessment: Vital for understanding reaction kinetics.
  • Emergency Relief System (ERS) Sizing: Ensures proper vent sizing and safety.
  • External Heating or Fire Exposure Testing: Simulates real-world conditions.
  • Compliance with DIERS Technology: Recognised as good engineering practice.

About the Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST)

In the complex world of chemical safety, understanding and mitigating chemical reaction hazards is paramount. The need for a tool that can quickly and accurately screen for potential reactive chemical hazards, estimate key process safety parameters, and provide upset process design data is evident. The Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST) by Fauske & Associates fulfils this need.

The ARSST’s low thermal-inertia design allows for fast, accurate testing, while its low phi test capabilities offer realistic simulations of process conditions. Its ability to measure adiabatic temperature and pressure rise rates, determine the heat of reaction or mixing, and assess Time-to-Maximum-Rate (TMR) and SADT provides essential insights into reaction chemistry and kinetics.

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Furthermore, the ARSST’s features for Emergency Relief System (ERS) sizing and external heating or fire exposure testing ensure that it can simulate real-world conditions and provide data that can be directly applied to process scale. Its compliance with DIERS technology underscores its standing as a tool that meets industry standards.

Whether it’s a chemical company seeking to understand potential hazards in a new process, or a research institution exploring energetic materials testing, the ARSST offers a comprehensive solution. Its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and robust capabilities make it an invaluable asset for anyone involved in chemical and nuclear facility safety.


"The ARSST™ by Fauske & Associates is a low thermal-inertia calorimeter
designed for efficient safety screening of reactive chemical hazards.
It's particularly useful for process safety analysis, offering rapid
and safe testing with small sample sizes. "

Product FAQ's

The ARSST can test solids, liquids and energetic materials. 

The ARSST provides low phi data on adiabatic temperature and pressure rise rates, which can be used for proper Emergency Relief System (ERS) sizing.

Yes, the ARSST can simulate external heating or fire exposure, making it suitable for real-world scenario testing.

The ARSST’s low thermal-inertia design, small sample size requirement, and ease of setup make it a cost-effective option for process safety screening.

Yes, the ARSST is based on established DIERS technology, recognized by OSHA as an example of good engineering practice.

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