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AQUARIUS Liquid Sample

AQUARIUS Liquid Sample accessory for Electron Microscopes

Revolutionise your SEM with FlowVIEW Tek’s In-Situ Observation Module, enabling high-resolution particle observation in liquid samples. 

Product Overview

The In-Situ SEM Observation Module by FlowVIEW Tek is a groundbreaking microfluidic chip system designed for nanoscale real-time experimental imaging. Utilising innovative nanofilm technology, It allows for liquid sample measurement by SEM in a vacuum environment whilst preserving the sample. FlowView Tek offers customisable solutions for in-situ imaging  This module is a game-changer for biological sample observation, semiconductor wet process monitoring, and more.

Features & Benefits

AQUARIUS Liquid Sample

Easy Sample Preparation.  

Advanced Electron Microscopy

FlowVIEW Tek Solutions

Easy Liquid Imaging 

Custom Solutions

Tailored In-Situ SEM Modules

Key benefits

  • SEM-Compatible Microscopic Fluid Chips: Enables precise control and observation of liquid samples. Compatible with all make and models of SEM. 
  • High-Resolution Particle Observation in SEM: Offers unparalleled imaging quality.
  • Customisable In-Situ SEM Solutions: Tailored to meet specific research needs.
  • Fast Sample Preparation for SEM: Ensures quick and efficient sample preparation.
  • EDS Component Analysis in SEM: Enables detailed elemental analysis of liquids, pastes and suspensions. 
  • Innovative Nanofilm Technology in SEM: Ensures liquid sample preservation within the vacuum environment.

Flowtek Electro Microscope liquid accessory Starter Kit

About the AQUARIUS Liquid Sample kit

The In-Situ SEM Observation Module by FlowVIEW Tek is a pioneering solution that transforms the capabilities of electron microscopy. By integrating SEM-compatible microscopic fluid chips, it enables researchers to observe and analyse liquid samples within the vacuum environment of an SEM.

This innovative module leverages nanofilm technology to preserve liquid samples, allowing for high-resolution particle observation. Whether for biological sample observation or semiconductor wet process monitoring, the system offers unparalleled imaging quality.

Customisable in-situ SEM solutions ensure that the module can be tailored to meet specific research needs. From EDS component analysis to fast sample packaging, the system offers a comprehensive suite of features that streamline the research process.

FlowVIEW Tek’s commitment to innovation and quality is evident in this state-of-the-art observation module. By enabling nanoscale real-time experimental imaging, it sets a new standard for electron microscopy.

Product FAQ's

Its ability to preserve and observe liquid samples within the SEM vacuum environment using innovative nanofilm technology.

Yes, FlowVIEW Tek offers customisable in-situ SEM solutions tailored to individual requirements.

Yes, it is designed for high-resolution observation of biological samples in SEM.

It incorporates specialised technology that ensures quick and efficient sample preparation and packaging.

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