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Calvet Calorimeters by SETARAM

Calvet Calorimeters by SETARAM offer 3D Sensor Technology for precise analysis in pharmaceuticals, food, polymers, and many other areas.

Product Overview

Calvet Calorimeters by SETARAM are advanced instruments designed with 3D Sensor Technology. These calorimeters offer versatile applications, including pharmaceutical characterisation, food analysis, inorganic materials study, polymers analysis, and safety testing. With interchangeable cells and external coupling capability, Calvet Calorimeters provide flexibility in isothermal or temperature scanning modes, meeting the needs of various industries.

Features & Benefits

Precision Guaranteed:  3D Sensor Technology
Versatile Operation Isothermal or Temperature Scanning.

Flexible Applications: Interchangeable Cells.

Comprehensive Analysis: On many types of materials

Key applications of the Calvet Calorimeters

  • 3D Sensor Technology: Ensures precise heat flow measurements.
  • Joule Effect Calibration: Offers precise and accurate calibration.
  • Isothermal or Temperature Scanning Modes: Provides versatile operation.
  • Interchangeable Cells: Allows flexibility in different applications.
  • Wide Application Range: Suitable for pharmaceuticals, food, polymers, safety  studies and more.
  • Energy and Environment Materials Analysis: Contributes to sustainable solutions.

Calvet Calorimeter Product Video

About the Calvet Calorimeters

Calvet Calorimeters are more than just thermal analysis instruments; they are a testament to SETARAM’s commitment to innovation and excellence. The integration of 3D Sensor Technology and thermocouples with Joule Effect Calibration reflects a dedication to precision and accuracy.

The versatility of Calvet Calorimeters, with options for isothermal or temperature scanning modes and interchangeable cells, takes flexibility to a new level.

The problem of imprecise and limited thermal analysis using traditional flat sensor technology is addressed by Calvet Calorimeters. With their 3D Sensor Technology and thermocouples with Joule Effect Calibration, they offer unparalleled precision. The option for isothermal or temperature scanning modes, along with interchangeable cells, provides flexibility and adaptability.

The wide range of applications, including energy and environment materials analysis, positions Calvet Calorimeters as a comprehensive solution for thermal analysis. Backed by SETARAM’s expertise, these instruments are not just tools but complete solutions for heat flow measurements.

"SETARAM's Calvet Calorimeters are advanced instruments providing high-precision
measurements of temperature, heat, and heat flow across diverse applications."

Product FAQ's

3D Sensor Technology is used for precise analysis.

Yes, they offer isothermal or temperature scanning modes.

Yes, they come with interchangeable cells for flexibility.

Pharmaceuticals, food, polymers, energy, and more.

SETARAM, a leading provider of thermal analysis solutions, manufactures Calvet Calorimeters.

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