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Calvet Pro Calorimeter Precision Thermal Analysis Instruments

Calvet Pro Calorimeter

Unlock advanced thermal insights with the Calvet Pro Calorimeter, engineered for superior accuracy.

Product Overview

The Calvet Pro Calorimeter is at the forefront of material characterisation equipment, offering unparalleled precision in thermal analysis.

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-sensitivity thermal analysis, this high-accuracy calorimeter integrates Calvet 3D sensor technology, ensuring detailed heat flow measurement and mass variation analysis. Suitable for a wide calorimetry temperature range, it stands out as a versatile tool for scientists and engineers dedicated to understanding material properties under various conditions.

Features & Benefits

Calvet Pro Calorimeter Precision Thermal Analysis Instruments

Calvet 3D Technology

Unmatched Sensitivity

Broad Temperature Range

Versatile Research

Advanced Hydrogen Testing

For Energy Research

Key applications

  • Precision Engineered: Utilises Calvet 3D sensor technology for unmatched heat flow measurement accuracy.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for a wide range of thermal analysis studies including gas sorption/desorption, hydrogen storage material testing, and high-pressure scenarios
  • Advanced Calorimetry Range: Supports a broad calorimetry temperature range, catering to diverse research needs.
  • Interchangeable Crucibles: Enhances experimental flexibility with interchangeable crucibles for flexible calorimeter design.

Calvet Pro Calorimeter Product Video

About the Calvet Pro Calorimeter

Introducing the Calvet Pro Calorimeter, a pinnacle in the domain of material characterisation equipment, engineered to fulfil the escalating demands for high accuracy calorimetry.

This instrument is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a comprehensive solution for thermal analysis instruments, addressing critical needs in amongst others, energy research, and environmental material testing. The integration of Calvet 3D sensor technology sets a new benchmark for heat flow measurement accuracy, making it an indispensable tool for scientists and engineers.

The problem of obtaining precise and reliable data in calorimetry is well acknowledged in scientific circles. The Calvet Pro Calorimeter addresses this by providing a solution that not only captures accurate thermal data but also offers versatility through its interchangeable crucibles and an extensive calorimetry temperature range.

Calvet Pro Calorimeter Precision Thermal Analysis Instruments

Its ability to conduct high-pressure calorimeter tests and hydrogen storage material testing makes it a cornerstone for research and development projects focused on sustainability and safety.

Key features like the Calvet 3D sensor technology exemplify the instrument’s capability to deliver detailed analysis and robust performance under various experimental conditions.

This technology ensures that every measurement is not only accurate but also reflective of real-world scenarios, thereby enhancing the reliability of the data.

The equipment’s design prioritises user safety and experimental flexibility, making it a valuable asset for laboratories engaged in cutting-edge research.

"Explore the Calvet Pro: Setaram's solution for unparalleled calorimetry
accuracy & thermal analysis. Perfect for in-depth material characterisation."

Product FAQ's

Its precise calorimetry and hydrogen storage material testing capabilities make it ideal for exploring new energy solutions.

It offers unparalleled accuracy in heat flow measurement, essential for detailed thermal analysis.

Absolutely, it’s designed to assess materials under various environmental conditions, aiding in sustainability research.

It supports a wide calorimetry temperature range, accommodating diverse experimental requirements.

It allows for flexible experimental setups, making it easier to adjust to different materials and conditions.

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