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High-Performance Tungsten Filament Scanning Electron Microscope

Product Overview

The CIQTEK SEM3200 is a cutting-edge tungsten filament scanning electron microscope, designed for those who demand excellence in imaging. With its exceptional image quality, the SEM3200 ensures high-resolution visuals across various fields of view.

Its depth of field is expansive, producing images rich in detail and dimension. This high-performance microscope is equipped with a low vacuum mode, enhancing its versatility and making it suitable for a broader range of applications.

Features & Benefits

Crystal-Clear Imaging:

SEM3200's superior quality.

Broad Compatibility:

Extended scalability.

Quick Navigation:

Optical navigation feature.

Key Features

  • Superior Image Quality: Delivers high-resolution images across different fields.
  • Low Vacuum Mode: Enables direct observation of non-conductive samples without coating.
  • Extended Scalability: Compatible with SEM SE, BSE, EDS, EDX, EBSD, and more.
  • Optical Navigation: Quickly locate target samples and areas of interest.
  • Large-Scale Image Stitching: Automatic map picking and stitching for a broader field of view.
  • Image Blending: Observe composition and surface details in a single image.
  • Dual Anode Structure: Enhances resolution and image quality at low voltages.

About the CIQTEK SEM3200

Building on the foundational strengths of the CIQTEK SEM3200, this microscope is a testament to CIQTEK’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

The SEM3200 is designed with the user in mind, ensuring that even complex tasks become effortless. Its extended scalability ensures compatibility with a range of detectors and tools, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

The large-scale image stitching feature is revolutionary, allowing users to view a broader field without compromising on detail. Furthermore, the dual anode structure ensures that the microscope delivers high-quality images even at low voltages.

In a world where precision and clarity are paramount, the CIQTEK SEM3200 stands tall, setting new standards in tungsten filament electron microscopy.

An Introduction to CIQTEK Scanning Electron Microscope SEM3200


Navigation and Collision Avoidance Features:

Optical Navigation:
Simplify your navigation experience with optical guidance. Simply click on the location you want to explore, making navigation effortless.

In-Bin Camera:
Our standard in-bin camera is equipped to capture high-definition photos, facilitating quick sample location.

Quick Gesture Navigation:
Efficiently maneuver through your samples with quick gestures. Double-click to move, use the middle mouse button for dragging, and frame your desired area to zoom in.

Multidimensional Anti-collision:
Enhance safety with a multidimensional anti-collision system:

  1. Precise Height Control: Manually input sample height for accurate distance control.
  2. Image Recognition and Motion Capture: Real-time image monitoring for collision prevention.
  3. Hardware Safeguards: Instant motor stop upon collision detection.

Efficient Gesture-Based Navigation: Streamline your navigation with quick actions. Double-click for movement, employ the middle mouse button to drag, and utilize framing for zooming.

Example: Frame Zoom – Enhance efficiency by framing your desired sample area for a wider view during low-magnification navigation.

"Versatile tungsten filament SEM2000 for advanced microstructural analysis"

Product FAQ's

The SEM3200 offers superior image quality, low vacuum mode, and extended scalability for diverse applications.

Yes, the SEM3200 has a low vacuum mode, allowing direct observation of non-conductive samples without coating.

Absolutely! The SEM3200’s image blending feature allows you to observe both in a single image.

Yes, features like optical navigation ensure a seamless user experience.

The dual anode structure enhances resolution and image quality, especially at low voltages.

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