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Collo Analyser Solutions

The Collo Lab Analyser is a portable, rugged and easy-to-use liquid analyser for creating a unique liquid fingerprint. This fingerprint, based on EMF data, provides a comprehensive real time view of the samples composition.

Product Overview

The Collo Lab Analyser measures dielectric properties of liquids linked to the physical characteristics of the solution – such as conductivity, viscosity and many more

Collo have written a proprietary algorithm which creates a unique “Liquid Fingerprint”, based on the interaction of the liquid with the electromagnetic field.

The probe measures two electromagnetic features, referred to as Collo Permittivity and Collo Ion Viscosity, and using these two parameters, creates a liquid fingerprint for each sample. This makes the probe ideal for quality control purposes as it allows the operator to see in an instance if the sample matches the fingerprint of the control or reference liquid.

The instrument can also be used in product development and research. Additionally, process optimisation can be achieved to reduce time and energy costs for your production.

Features & Benefits

Real-time Insights:

Continuous Liquid Analysis

Advanced Tech:

Electromagnetic Collo Fingerprint

Versatile Use:

Any Liquid, Any Viscosity

Key Features

  • Suitable for all liquids except strong solvents and highly corrosive liquids
  • Stainless steel body with PEEK sensor surface
  • Continuous real time measurement of the dynamics of the liquid process
  • Detection of changes in ion concentrations, homogenisation, agglomeration, gelation, crystallisation, particles, viscosity changes and more
  • Monitoring of chemical balance, chemical impurities and chemical reactions
  • Detect changes in solids, gas, or other more subtle changes in phase composition
  • Measurement history & reference view
  • Reports & data export in csv

About the Collo Analyser Solution

The two main electromagnetic features monitored by Collo are referred to as Collo Permittivity (CP) and Collo Ion Viscosity (CIV). CP correlates closely to physical changes, such as a phase change, particle size, solids content, homogenization, etc. CIV is more sensitive to changes in chemical concentrations, dissolving processes, free ion mobility and impurities.

Together these two parameters contain a wide spectrum of what can be measured from a fluid.

The below plots show how the Collo probe can measure differences between various liquids.

The wine spoiling process illustrates how changes in an opened bottle of wine can be detected by the Collo probe. Detecting change over time in liquids can be a useful tool for many applications such as storage, spoilage, maturing etc

The below chart summarises the different applications of the Collo probe:

The chart below shows the different plots of various liquids to demonstrate how different liquid properties can have varied responses to the EMF field generated.

Continuous, real-time measurement

• The Collo system comes complete with laptop and software. The LABUI software is easy to use and all results can be exported to excel.
• The LABUI software simultaneously analyses 8 different parameters and a temperature compensation can be applied for total accuracy.
• Results are display instantaneously enabling real time monitoring of one or multiple parameters.
• Data can be compared with previous results such as a control solution meaning decisions can be made quickly with regards to QC control, raw materials etc

To perform measurements simply insert the probe into a beaker/container large enough to contain the sample (minimum volume around 250mls). Data from different samples can be overlaid for instant comparison.

Contact us now for a demonstration on your samples.

Optimise Process Steps:

• Mixing time
• Removing gas from liquid
• Sedimentation time
• Polymerisation time
• Chemical reaction time
• Energy to break particles
• Crystallisation
• And more

Control Liquid Quality:

• Raw materials quality
• Process quality
• Final product quality

Monitor Process Parameters:

• Chemical concentration
• Oil/Fat concentration
• Particle size
• Viscosity of resin
• Dry mass
• And more

The Collo Probe

Innovative Approach:

Utilising groundbreaking EMF detection, we’ve crafted an intelligent analyser that offers an in-depth, instantaneous insight into liquids.

Every Fluid Type:

Appropriate for a vast range of liquids, whether dense or light, irrespective of their dry content or consistency – including water, milk, frozen desserts, yogurt, ceramic mixtures, and beyond.

Live Response Monitoring:

Tracks responses instantly, delivering measurement information every 2 seconds. Capable of observing intricate or challenging reactions.

EMF Detector:

This device emits an electromagnetic field and is immersed in the liquid to gauge changes. It responds immediately to any alterations in the fluid.

"Portable and easy-to-use liquid analyser for instant,
real-time monitoring of liquids."

Product FAQ's

The Collo Lab Analyser EMF sensor projects an electromagnetic field in the sample, producing a liquid fingerprint. This field instantly reacts to any changes in the sample allowing real-time monitoring of the liquid’s behaviour/composition.

The Collo is suitable for all liquids, from thick to thin, regardless of dry mass or viscosity. The only exceptions are highly corrosive liquids and strong solvents. 

The analyser continuously provides data in 1 second intervals for as long as the measurement is running.

The Collo Analyser operates within a temperature range of 0 to 90 °C

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