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contrAA 800 Series

Experience unparalleled precision, range and accuracy with the contrAA 800 Series, Analytik Jena’s unique high-resolution continuum source AAS spectrometer.

Product Overview

The contrAA 800 Series by Analytik Jena is a high-end AAS spectrometer designed for multi-element analysis. Utilising a High-Resolution Continuum Source (HR-CS) Xenon short arc lamp, it offers very fast sequential analysis of metals and non-metals. Suitable for environmental, food, agriculture, oil, gas, geology, mining, and metals analysis, the contrAA 800 Series is a versatile solution for various applications.

In the sections below we highlight some key features and applications of the contrAA 800, demonstrating why they are the currently the preferred choice for AAS in research, commercial, and industrial laboratories.

Features & Benefits

Precision Analysis

High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS


Flame, Graphite Furnace, Hydride and Direct Solids Techniques

Multi-Industry Applications

Environmental, Oil, Mining

Key applications of contrAA 800 Series

  • High-Resolution Continuum Source (HR-CS) AAS: Delivers precise and accurate results. Unique 3D spectra to ensure identification of spectral interferences
  • Molecular absorption: Analyse for non-metals such as S, P and the halogens
  • Xenon Short Arc Lamp: Ensures consistent and stable performance.
  • Multi-Element Analysis with contrAA 800: Allows simultaneous detection of multiple elements with one lamp
  • Flame, Graphite Furnace, and Hydride Techniques in AAS: Offers flexibility in analysis methods.
  • Fast Sequential Analysis in AAS: Reduces analysis time significantly.
  • ASpect CS Software for Multi-Element Analysis: Enhances data processing and interpretation.
  • Comprehensive Accessories and Consumables: Ensures complete support for various applications.
  • Ten Year Optical Warranty: full confidence in performance and reliability.

Atomic Absorption. Redefined. — AAS contrAA Series

About the contrAA 800 Series

The contrAA 800 Series by Analytik Jena is a groundbreaking Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) spectrometer that sets new standards in multi-element analysis. With its High-Resolution Continuum Source (HR-CS) AAS technology, it offers unparalleled precision and accuracy in determining metals and non-metals.

Equipped with a Xenon short arc lamp, the contrAA 800 ensures consistent and stable performance across various applications, including environmental analysis, food and agriculture elemental analysis, oil and gas applications, and geology, mining, and metals analysis.

The system’s flexibility is further enhanced by its ability to utilise flame, graphite furnace, hydride and direct-solids analysis techniques in AAS. This versatility allows the contrAA 800 to adapt to different analytical needs, making it a preferred choice for laboratories across industries.

3D Spectrum of sample signals from different elements providing unique information regarding spectral interferences and background effects 

One of the standout features of the contrAA 800 is its fast sequential analysis capability. By reducing analysis time significantly, it enables laboratories to achieve higher throughput without compromising on quality. A number of elements can also be analysed simultaneously.

The ASpect CS Software for multi-element analysis enhances data processing and interpretation, providing a seamless user experience. Additionally, the comprehensive range of accessories and consumables ensures complete support for various applications.

With its innovative design and cutting-edge technology, the contrAA 800 Series represents Analytik Jena’s commitment to excellence in the field of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. Whether for environmental analysis solutions or solid AA series and hydride systems, the contrAA 800 is a reliable and efficient choice.

"Any Wavelength. Any Element. Any Time."

Product FAQ's

Its High-Resolution Continuum Source (HR-CS) AAS technology and Xenon short arc lamp provide unparalleled precision and accuracy.

Yes, the contrAA 800 is designed for simultaneous detection of multiple elements.

It is suitable for environmental, food, agriculture, oil, gas, geology, mining, and metals analysis.

Yes, the ASpect CS Software enhances data processing and interpretation.

Analytik Jena offers a comprehensive range of accessories and consumables to support various applications.

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