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Counter Current Column Systems for CO2 Separation

Advanced counter current technology for efficient liquid-liquid CO2 separation.

Product Overview

Our Counter Current Column Technology revolutionises the approach to liquid-liquid CO2 separation, offering a high-efficiency solution for industries aiming to refine their separation processes.

Designed for multi-stage extraction systems, these columns excel in delivering high-purity compound isolation and CO2 deodorisation, making them ideal for a wide range of applications including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and environmental technologies.

By leveraging modular counter-current systems, our technology ensures optimal separation efficiency, is customisable to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Features & Benefits


Precision Extraction

Multi-Stage Systems

Maximised Yield

High Efficiency Columns

Tailored Design

Customisable Lengths

Key applications

  • Multi-Stage Extraction Systems: Creates separation gradient across multiple stages for enhanced purity.
  • High Efficiency Separation Columns: Maximises yield and minimises energy consumption.
  • Customisable Length Separation Columns: Tailored to specific process requirements for optimal performance.
  • Supercritical Fluid Extraction Columns: Ideal for high-pressure, solvent-free separations.
  • Environmental Extraction Technologies: Supports eco-friendly processes with minimal waste production.

Counter Current Column Systems Product Videos

About the Counter Current Column Systems

Introducing our cutting-edge Counter Current Column Technology, a game-changer in the world of liquid-liquid CO2 separation. This innovative solution is designed to meet the critical demands of industries seeking to enhance their separation processes with high efficiency and precision. At the forefront of our technology is the recognition of common challenges faced in achieving optimal separation results, such as achieving high purity compound isolation, efficient CO2 deodorisation processes, and environmentally friendly extraction methods.

Our Counter Current Columns are engineered to tackle these challenges head-on, providing a solution that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. The technology is built on the foundation of multi-stage extraction systems, which facilitate precise separation and purification across several stages, significantly enhancing the quality of the final product. This is particularly beneficial in applications requiring the isolation of high-value compounds from complex mixtures, where purity is paramount.

What sets our technology apart are the customisable features and modular design, allowing for scalability and flexibility unmatched in the market. This adaptability ensures that our Counter Current Columns can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of various processes, from pharmaceutical grade extraction to food and beverage CO2 processing. The incorporation of supercritical fluid extraction columns further highlights our commitment to providing solvent-free separation systems, aligning with the growing demand for more sustainable and environmentally friendly extraction technologies.

By choosing our Counter Current Column Technology, clients are not only investing in a state-of-the-art separation solution but are also embracing a future where efficiency, sustainability, and purity are within reach. Our technology promises to transform the separation process, setting new benchmarks for what is possible in liquid-liquid CO2 separation.

"The Counter-Current Column from Core Separations revolutionises separation processes, offering unmatched efficiency and precision in liquid-liquid extraction."

Product FAQ's

It enhances separation efficiency and purity through multi-stage extraction and customisable configurations.

Yes, our supercritical fluid extraction columns are designed for high-pressure, solvent-free CO2 separations.

Absolutely, with modular counter-current systems and customisable lengths, our technology scales to meet diverse operational needs.

By promoting solvent-free separations and minimising waste, our columns support eco-friendly extraction processes.

From pharmaceuticals to food and beverage processing, any industry requiring precise CO2 separation and purification.


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