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EASY-V 3440 Surface Area & Porosimetry Analyzer

Advanced Surface Area and Pore Size Analysis Equipment.

Product Overview

The EASY-V 3440, a product of CIQTEK, is a state-of-the-art Surface Area Analyzer designed for meticulous surface area and pore size measurements. Utilising the static volumetric method, this instrument has achieved multiple international certifications, marking its position at a global standard. The EASY-V 3440, with its advanced features, has been embraced by numerous universities and research institutions worldwide, making it a trusted name in material characterization.

Features & Benefits

Precision Guaranteed:

Static volumetric method

Wide Scope:

0.35 nm-500 nm pore size analysis

User Experience:

Advanced testing software

Key Features

  • Static Volumetric Principle: Enables precise adsorption/desorption isotherm measurements.
  • Comprehensive Testing Range: Specific surface area from 0.0005 (m2/g) and pore size analysis from 0.35 nm-500 nm.
  • Multi-sample Analysis: Four analysis stations for simultaneous testing of 4 samples.
  • Molecular Pump Integration: Ensures high accuracy in measurements.
  • Digital Pressure Measurement: Doubles the accuracy compared to analog systems.
  • Intelligent Testing Software: Offers automation, user-friendly interface, and detailed test data records.
  • Safety Features: Protective safety door to prevent accidents and environmental disturbances.

About the EASY-V 3440 Surface Area & Porosimetry Analyzer

Introducing the EASY-V 3440, a pioneering Surface Area Analyzer by CIQTEK. In the world of material science, the need for accurate surface area and porosity measurements is paramount.

The EASY-V 3440 addresses this need, offering a solution that combines precision with user-centric features. Using the static volumetric method, it guarantees unparalleled accuracy, making it a preferred choice for professionals globally. Its multi-sample analysis capability allows for the testing of four samples simultaneously, enhancing efficiency.

The integrated molecular pump and digital pressure measurement further ensure the reliability of results. The instrument’s intelligent testing software, with its user-friendly interface and detailed test data records, ensures a seamless testing experience.

In essence, the EASY-V 3440 is a testament to CIQTEK’s dedication to innovation and quality.

Inline fluid sensing technology offers
vast potential for refining processes.


Digital Pressure Monitoring and Data Collection System

  • The temperature and pressure sensors with digital outputs offer double the precision compared to their analog counterparts and exhibit enhanced resistance to disturbances.
  • Utilizes the industry-standard RS485 or RS232 communication methods. Sensors can be integrated as needed, ensuring system flexibility.
  • Segmental readings from multi-range and high-precision pressure sensors guarantee accurate low-pressure readings during micropore measurement phases.

Advanced Vacuum Stainless Steel Micro Welding Pipeline Infrastructure

  • This specialized vacuum micro welding pipeline, crafted for molecular pump setups, features a streamlined connection and minimized dead volume space.
  • Metal-sealed VCR interface components address the self-outgassing challenge posed by O-ring seals in reduced vacuums.
  • The auxiliary VCR interface pneumatic valve mitigates errors stemming from the localized heating of the electromagnetic valve.
  • The entire system’s pipe walls undergo an electropolishing process, ensuring an air leakage rate that adheres to the 1×10-10  pa.m3/s standard in high vacuums. This optimizes the molecular pump’s performance and solidifies the precision of micropore test readings.

Global Standard in Data Precision and Endorsement

  • Upholding the testing and validation standards of premier global brands, we ascertain that our data complies with global benchmarks. Real-time error rectification is executed by the software during tests, negating the need for post-test adjustments and assuring uniform, dependable outcomes across different users.
  • A range of our offerings is now a staple in research labs at global universities and institutions, garnering accolades from patrons.


Battery Materials:

Graphite, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate, lithium cobalt oxide, ternary materials and other positive and negative materials.

Petrochemical Industry:

Carbon black, white carbon black, titanium dioxide, alumina, molecular sieve catalyst, resin, carbon fiber.


Montmorillonite powder; Magnesium stearate, micropowder silica gel, talc and other lubricants; Diluents such as starch and sugar; Aluminum hydroxide and other pharmaceutical excipients.

Environmental Protection Materials:

Pine, activated carbon, bamboo charcoal, chemical carbon, zeolite molecular sieve.

Nano Materials:

MOF materials, carbon nanotubes, graphene.

Other Powder and Granular Materials:

Magnesium oxide, zirconia, calcium oxide, metal powder, ceramics, mineral powder.

Product FAQ's

The EASY-V 3440 employs the static volumetric method for surface area measurements.

The EASY-V 3440 can analyse pore sizes ranging from 0.35 nm to 500 nm.

The EASY-V 3440 can test up to four samples simultaneously.

Yes, it features a protective safety door to ensure user safety and prevent environmental disturbances.

The intelligent testing software is designed with a user-friendly interface, offering automation and detailed test data records.

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