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CIQTEK EPR200M Benchtop Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer 2


The CIQTEK EPR200M: Benchtop Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer offers X-band EPR spectroscopy for scientific research and industrial applications.

Product Overview

The CIQTEK EPR200M is an X-band benchtop electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) or electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy system. Designed for both scientific researchers and industrial users, this spectrometer provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and user-friendly experience.

With high sensitivity, accuracy, and stability, it offers a wide range of applications, including environmental monitoring, free radicals detection, antioxidant characterization, photocatalysis, and more.

The EPR200M comes with diverse accessories such as a goniometer, liquid nitrogen variable temperature unit, and an in-situ optical stimulation system, enhancing its functionality and adaptability.

Features & Benefits

CIQTEK EPR200M Benchtop Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer 2

High Sensitivity

Accurate Measurements


Benchtop Design

Compact and Convenient

Wide Applications

Versatile in Fields

Key applications of EPR200M

  • High Sensitivity and Stability: Ensures accurate and reliable measurements.
  • Flexible and Easy-to-Use: Integrated control and data processing software.
  • Benchtop Convenience: Compact and lightweight for desktop use.
  • Diverse Accessories: Includes automated goniometer, in-situ optical stimulation system, low-temperature measurements.
  • EPR Application Fields: Suitable for chemicals, environmental science, materials science, biomedical, food science, and industrial applications.

About the EPR200M

In the intricate fields of scientific research, environmental monitoring, and industrial quality control, the precise detection and analysis of magnetic field signals, free radicals, and other related phenomena are crucial. Traditional methods may lack the required sensitivity, flexibility, or adaptability to meet these complex demands. The CIQTEK EPR200M, an X-band benchtop electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy system, is designed to fill this gap, offering a comprehensive solution that leverages cutting-edge technology.

Standout Features and Benefits

The standout features of the CIQTEK EPR200M are numerous and tailored to meet the diverse needs of its users. Here’s a closer look at these features and how they directly benefit the customer:

High Sensitivity and Stability: The EPR200M offers unparalleled sensitivity, accuracy, and stability, ensuring that measurements are both precise and reliable. This is vital for applications such as free radicals detection, antioxidant characterization, and environmental persistent free radicals (EPFRs) monitoring.

People using the CIQTEK EPR200M
CIQTEK EPR200M Benchtop Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer 2

Integrated Control Software: With its user-friendly integrated control and data processing software, the EPR200M provides a seamless experience for users, allowing for easy tuning and accurate quantification.

Benchtop Convenience: Its compact and lightweight design makes it suitable for desktop use, offering a highly integrated and convenient solution without compromising on functionality.

Diverse Accessories: The EPR200M comes with a range of accessories, including an automated goniometer, in-situ optical stimulation system, and liquid nitrogen variable temperature unit. These accessories enhance its functionality, allowing for in-situ low-temperature testing, automatic corner turning for crystal studies, and full-wavelength in-situ illumination for photocatalysis research.

Addressing Pain Points: The CIQTEK EPR200M addresses several pain points commonly faced in various industries:

Environmental Monitoring: With its ability to detect environmentally persistent free radicals (EPFRs) and monitor air pollution, the EPR200M plays a vital role in environmental protection and sustainability.

Biomedical Research: In the field of biomedical research, the EPR200M’s capabilities in antioxidant characterization and reactive oxygen species (ROS) detection are invaluable for studies related to cancer radiotherapy, occupational disease protection, and more.

Industrial Quality Control: For industries dealing with coatings, cosmetics, petrochemicals, and more, the EPR200M offers solutions for quality control, free radical protection, and efficacy testing.

Innovation in Materials Science: The EPR200M’s applications in materials science, such as single-crystal defects detection, magnetic material properties analysis, and catalytic material detection, drive innovation and development in this field.

In conclusion, the CIQTEK EPR200M is more than just a spectrometer; it’s a versatile and essential tool that ensures quality, efficiency, and innovation across various fields. Its unique combination of features and benefits positions it as a leading solution for those seeking accuracy, adaptability, and excellence in electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Core Technology

CIQTEK EPR200M Benchtop Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer

"The CIQTEK EPR200M is a compact, high-sensitivity X-band electron
paramagnetic resonance spectrometer, designed for easy and
precise analysis of substances with unpaired electrons."


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Product FAQ's

Its high sensitivity, diverse accessories, and wide application fields make it versatile.

Yes, it comes with a liquid nitrogen variable temperature unit for low-temperature testing.

It offers optional built-in standards for accurate g-value and quantitative EPR measurements.

Accessories include an automated goniometer, in-situ optical stimulation system, and more.

Yes, it plays an important role in detecting environmentally persistent free radicals (EPFRs) and other environmental applications.

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