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FDM 6000 Series​

Revolutionize fuel analysis with the FDM 6000 Series, a portable meter offering direct fuel dilution measurement in just one minute.

Product Overview

The FDM 6000 Series is a state-of-the-art Portable Fuel Dilution Meter designed to detect fuel contamination in lubricants with precision. Utilizing the Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Sensor and compliant with ASTM D8004 Standard, it offers rapid analysis for diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel. With its innovative headspace sampling fang design, it ensures repeatability and efficiency in fuel contamination detection.

Features & Benefits

Direct Fuel Dilution Measurement

Offers precise analysis.

One-Minute Analysis Time

Rapid results for quick decision-making.

Optional Hard Case for Transit

Ensures safe transportation.

Key applications

  • Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Sensor: Ensures accurate detection.
  • ASTM D8004 Standard Compliance: Meets industry standards, complete with traceable standard fluids..
  • Direct Fuel Dilution Measurement: Offers precise analysis.
  • One-Minute Analysis Time: Rapid results for quick decision-making.
  • Small Sample Volume (0.5ml): Minimizes waste.
  • Battery Powered: Enhances portability.
  • Optional Hard Case for Transit: Ensures safe transportation.
  • Audio Prompt Feature: User-friendly operation.

FDM 6000 Product Video

About the FDM 6000

The FDM 6000 Series represents a significant advancement in the field of lubricant-fuel contamination analysis. This Portable Fuel Dilution Meter is designed to address the critical need for accurate and rapid fuel contamination detection in an oil sample. Utilizing the innovative Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Sensor, it offers direct fuel dilution measurement, ensuring precise analysis within just one minute.

The introduction of the FDM 6000 Series solves the problem of time-consuming and complex fuel analysis procedures.

FDM 6000 Series Portable Fuel Dilution Meter for Accurate Analysis

Its compliance with ASTM D8004 Standard ensures that the results are reliable and consistent across various applications, including diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel analysis.


The standout features of the FDM 6000 Series include its innovative headspace sampling fang design, repeatability (<= 5% RSD), disposable FDM vials, and optional hard case for transit. These features directly benefit customers by offering a quick, accurate, and portable solution for lubricant fuel dilution analysis.

"The FDM 6000 is a portable meter for quick, on-site detection
of fuel dilution in engine oil, essential for maintaining engine health."

Product FAQ's

It takes only one minute for a complete analysis.

Yes, it is compliant with ASTM D8004 Standard.

It can analyze diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel.

Yes, it is battery-powered, enhancing its portability.

Yes, an optional hard case for transit is available. 


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