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FerroCheck 2000 Series

FerroCheck 2000 Series

The FerroCheck 2000 Series is a precision ferrous metal analyzer for lubricant oil and grease.

Product Overview

The FerroCheck 2000 Series by Rigaku is a state-of-the-art portable ferrous analyzer designed to provide accurate and convenient total ferrous measurement in in-service lubricating oil and grease. With the ability to analyze samples in less than 30 seconds, it requires minimal sample volumes and is designed for both laboratory and field usage. The analyzer is adept at measuring both normal machine wear and large abnormal wear particles, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of machinery health.

Features & Benefits

FerroCheck 2000 Series

Quick Results:

Analysis in Under 30 Seconds

ASTM D8120 Compliance:

Industry-Standard Adherence


No Sample Preparation Needed

Key applications of FerroCheck 2000 Series

  • Measures total ferrous content in parts per million by weight.
  • Accurate detection of both normal machine wear and large abnormal wear particles.
  • Compliant with ASTM D8120 standard method for ferrous debris quantification.
  • Requires less than 2 ml of sample for testing with results delivered in under 30 seconds.
  • Portable, battery-powered design suitable for both field and laboratory use.
  • Automated data storage with options to export files in CSV format.
  • Comes with a validation standard for accuracy assurance.
  • Solvent-free operation eliminating the need for sample preparation.
  • Designed for a wide temperature range, ensuring stability and repeatability.

FerroCheck 2000 Series Product Video

About the FerroCheck 2000 Series

The FerroCheck 2000 Series, a product of Rigaku, emerges as a solution to the growing need for precise and rapid ferrous metal analysis in lubricants and greases. In industries where machinery health is paramount, the ability to detect both normal and abnormal wear particles in lubricants can be a game-changer. The FerroCheck 2000 not only addresses this need but does so with unparalleled efficiency.

With its portable design, it caters to on-site field professionals and laboratory analysts alike. The analyzer’s core boasts of a pair of precision-rounded coils that generate magnetic fields. When a lubricant sample is introduced, ferrous particles interact with this field, leading to current changes in the coils. This change is directly proportional to the ferrous content in the sample, providing accurate measurements in parts per million. The device’s compliance with the ASTM D8120 standard further solidifies its reliability.

With features like solvent-free operation, a wide measurement range, and rapid result delivery, the FerroCheck 2000 stands as a testament to Spectro Scientfics commitment to quality and innovation.

"The Ferrocheck 2000 offers total ferrous measurement for
predictive maintenance in under 30 seconds."

Product FAQ's

The FerroCheck 2000 can analyze samples in less than 30 seconds.

Yes, it is compliant with the ASTM D8120 standard method for ferrous debris quantification.

The device requires less than 2 ml of sample for testing.

Absolutely, its portable design makes it ideal for both settings.

No, it operates solvent-free and doesn’t require any sample preparation.

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