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Minilab 58

FieldLab 58​

FLUXANA Calibration Standard packages provide precision in X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis by offering complete solutions for various application methods to achieve accurate results.

Product Overview

FieldLab 58 is a cutting-edge Portable Oil Condition Lab for on-site field use. Designed for field service professionals this lightweight system analyses your oils for a complete health check of critical, high-value machinery assets. Intuitive, ease-to-use and with no solvents or reagents the FieldLab informs maintenance engineers on all parameters of lubricant and machine condition such as chemistry, viscosity, contamination, and machine wear. This allows for immediate and correctly targeted maintenance decisions and actions.

Features & Benefits

Minilab 58

Machine Wear module

For combined FPQ particle count (>4 micron), ISO codes and XRF analysis of up to 16 elements Si, Al, Cr, Ti, Fe, Ni, Pb, Cu, Sn, Mo, Ag, Zn, V, Mg, W, Co.

Chemistry and Contamination module

IR spectrometer for fluid condition and early contamination detection, including TAN, TBN, soot and water.

Portable and Rugged design.

Funded by United States Department of Defense for the most remote and harshest environments.

Key applications of FieldLab 58

  • X-Ray Florescence (XRF) Spectrometer: Enables precise elemental analysis to detect abnormal machine wear.
  • Filter Particle Quantifier (FPQ): For accurate particle count and ISO 4406 reporting.
  • Infrared (IR) Spectrometer: Measures fluid chemistry to validate condition and avoid unnecessary fluid changes.
  • Kinematic Viscometer: Provides 40°C viscosity measurement in seconds.
  • ASTM Compliant: Ensures industry-standard accuracy with traceable standards.
  • Smart Diagnostics and Flexible Alarm Setting: Customizable alerts and recommend maintenance actions.
  • TruVu 360 Fluid Intelligence Software: Intelligent analysis and reporting, take control of your oil analysis and asset management.
  • On-Site Field Use: Designed for portability and rugged use, funded by United States Department of Defense. 

FieldLab 58 Product Video

About the Portable Oil Condition Lab for On-Site Analysis

The FieldLab 58 is a groundbreaking Portable Oil Condition Lab that brings laboratory-grade analysis to the field. It is designed to address the critical need for accurate and comprehensive fluid analysis, including wear and contamination detection, viscosity measurement, and fluid chemistry

The introduction of FieldLab 58 solves the problem of delayed and cumbersome laboratory analysis. Its compliance with ASTM standards, such as ASTM D812, ASTM D7889, and ASTM D8092, ensures that the results are reliable and consistent across various applications.

FieldLab 58: Portable Oil Condition Lab for On-Site Analysis
FieldLab 58: Portable Oil Condition Lab for On-Site Analysis

The standout features of FieldLab 58 include its X-Ray Florescence (XRF) Spectrometer, Filter Particle Quantifier (FPQ), Infrared (IR) Spectrometer, and Kinematic Viscometer. These features directly benefit customers by offering a quick, accurate, and portable solution for fluid analysis.

With smart diagnostics, flexible alarm setting, and TruVu 360 Fluid Intelligence Software, FieldLab 58 offers intelligent analysis and reporting, making it a trusted choice for industries requiring on-site field use.

"The FieldLab Series is a portable, all-in-one oil analysis system, offering rapid,
comprehensive testing in field settings for effective fleet and asset management.
It's designed for ease of use with automated diagnostics and minimal sample requirements."

Product FAQ's

Yes, it is designed for on-site field use.

It can perform particle count, elemental analysis, fluid chemistry, and contamination detection.

Yes, it complies with various ASTM standards.

Yes, it includes TruVu 360 Fluid Intelligence Software.

Yes, it has a Kinematic Viscometer for viscosity measurement.

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