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FLEXI HYCO, SETARAM’s compact high-pressure hydrogen delivery system, offers ultra-pure hydrogen up to 200 bar, designed for laboratory hydrogen supply and hydrogenation studies.

Product Overview

FLEXI HYCO is a High-Pressure Hydrogen Delivery System developed by SETARAM. Utilizing Metal Hydride Compressor technology, it delivers Ultra Pure Hydrogen up to 200 bar. Designed for laboratory hydrogen supply, hydrogen storage materials characterization, and hydrogenation studies, FLEXI HYCO is a compact and robust solution. With compatibility with GASPRO, CALVET, and CALVET PRO, it’s a versatile tool for various applications.

Features & Benefits


Ultra Pure Hydrogen:
Up to 200 bar

Innovative Compression: Metal Hydride Compressor

Versatile Compatibility: GASPRO, CALVET, CALVET PRO

Robust Design:
Patented and CE Approved

Plug & Play, Easy and Safe

Key Features

  • Ultra Pure Hydrogen (up to 200 bar): Ensures high-quality hydrogen supply.
  • Metal Hydride Compressor: Innovative technology for efficient compression.
  • Laboratory Hydrogen Supply: Ideal for research and development needs.
  • Hydrogen Storage Materials Characterization: Enables advanced studies.
  • Catalysts and Sorbents Analysis: Facilitates detailed analysis.
  • GASPRO, CALVET, CALVET PRO Compatibility: Offers versatile applications.
  • Compact HP Hydrogen Delivery System: Space-saving design.
  • Robust and Patented Design: Ensures durability and reliability.
  • Plug & Play, Easy and Safe: User-friendly operation.
  • CE Approved: Meets safety standards.

FLEXI HYCO Product Video

About the FLEXI HYCO

FLEXI HYCO represents SETARAM’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the field of hydrogen technology. The integration of Ultra Pure Hydrogen delivery up to 200 bar and Metal Hydride Compressor technology reflects a commitment to safety, quality and efficiency.

The versatility of FLEXI HYCO, with its compact design and compatibility with various systems, takes hydrogen delivery to a new level removing the need for high pressure cylinders to be used Its user-friendly Plug & Play design ensures that it is accessible to a wide range of users, from seasoned professionals to budding researchers.

The robust and patented design, along with CE Approved certification, makes FLEXI HYCO a reliable and trustworthy solution. Whether for laboratory hydrogen supply, hydrogen storage materials characterization, or specialized hydrogenation studies, FLEXI HYCO is a partner in innovation, reflecting SETARAM’s expertise in hydrogen technology.

"The FLEXI HyCo by SETARAM is a metal hydride compressor-based hydrogen
delivery system, providing ultra-pure hydrogen safely for laboratory use,
eliminating the need for high-pressure hydrogen cylinders."

Product FAQ's

Up to 200 bar, suitable for various applications.

Yes, it’s compatible with GASPRO, CALVET, and CALVET PRO.

Metal Hydride Compressor technology for efficient compression.

Yes, it’s CE Approved and designed for easy and safe operation.

SETARAM, a leading provider of hydrogen technology solutions, manufactures FLEXI HYCO.


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