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Fluxana BORAMAT® Automated Flux Dosing Systems

Fluxana BORAMAT® Automated Flux Dosing Systems

The Fluxana BORAMAT® Automated Flux Dosing Systems will streamline your XRF fused bead preparation with precision flux dosing technology for improved laboratory efficiency.

Product Overview

The BORAMAT® range of flux dosing systems is designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of XRF fused bead sample preparation. Featuring the BORAMAT® Mono, BORAMAT® 18, and BORAMAT® 30, these automatic flux dosing systems from Fluxana ensure that fusion fluxes are weighed consistently and accurately.

Ideal for laboratories seeking to increase sample throughput efficiency and reduce errors, our dosing machines integrate seamlessly with your existing XRF laboratory equipment and deliver reliable and reproducible performance.

Features & Benefits

Fluxana BORAMAT® Automated Flux Dosing Systems

Universal bottle connection

Easy changing and re-filling up to 3kg flux.

Intelligent dosage control

The system “learns” the correct dosage rate for your flux.

Compatibility and integration

RS232 connection to balance for ease of integration.

Key applications

  • Fast, accurate dosing: free from contamination, free from operator error. Ensures accurate flux-to-sample ratio – critical to XRF results quality.
  • Easy integration: compatible with balances from most manufacturers.
  • Improved operational efficiency: reduced operator time spent on repetitive weighing activities frees time for other tasks and speeds up workflow.
  • Multiple weighing modes: dead-weight or catch-weight operation to fit end user methodology.
  • LIMS ready software: documentation of weighing protocols and weighing data export for integration into LIMS system.
  • Capacity to suit individual needs: single, 18 position, or 30 position dosing systems available to suit varying throughput requirements.

About the Fluxana BORAMAT®

Introducing the cutting-edge BORAMAT® flux dosers from Fluxana, the perfect solutions to the challenges of high-throughput XRF fused bead preparation.

In the demanding environment of an XRF laboratory where precision and efficiency define success, the need for accurate and repeatable flux dosing cannot be overstated.

However, weighing large numbers of fluxes by hand is time-consuming, tying up valuable technician time which could be used far more productively.

Our solutions, featuring the innovative BORAMAT® Mono, BORAMAT® 18, and BORAMAT® 30, are engineered to meet this need head-on.

The BORAMAT® Mono offers an ideal solution for improving efficiency in smaller scale operations.

As the name suggests it is a single station system which doses flux directly onto a precision balance.

The technician simply places the crucible or vial on the balance, starts the doser and leaves it to do all the work! However, the benefits of this system go beyond the obvious freeing up of operator time:

  • Multiple dosing recipes can be stored and called on demand, reducing potential for mix ups and flux mis-weighing.
  • All weighing data is automatically transferred from the balance and stored on the system, effectively removing transposition errors.
  • Weighing data is exportable, meaning the BORAMAT® can be integrated into LIMS workflows for the ultimate in error-free efficiency.
  • Innovative catch weight mode allows samples to be weighed within a defined range instead of exactly. The required flux dose then being calculated and dosed by the system. This removes arguably the most time-consuming part of the process: weighing samples to exact dead weights.

The BORAMAT® 18 and BOARAMAT® 30 systems further expand on the benefits of the Mono, offering a fully-automated solution for high throughput environments.

Large batches of fluxes can be pre-prepared into vials at the touch of a button, removing large amounts of repetitive and menial workload from technicians.

A second balance can also be used for adding samples, meaning complete weighing of sample and flux can be batched, either into vials or direct into crucibles as required.

High throughput dosing capabilities offered by the BORAMAT® range mean that more samples can be prepared in less time, significantly boosting productivity.

Additionally, the ease of integration with existing XRF laboratory equipment and LIMS systems makes our dosing machines a versatile addition to any laboratory, ready to meet the demands of various applications, from quality control to research and development.

Fluxana BORAMAT® Automated Flux Dosing Systems

"The Flux Dosing Solutions offer precision and efficiency in sample preparation, enhancing accuracy and throughput in analytical processes."

Product FAQ's

It automates the flux dosing process, ensuring precise and consistent flux addition, which is crucial for accurate XRF analysis.

Yes. The intelligent dosing software “learns” the optimum settings meaning that the system is compatible with any free-flowing or “pearl” type flux. The flux reservoir bottle is easily switched to allow changing between fluxes without cross-contamination.

Yes. They are compatible with balances from a wide range of manufacturers due to the use of RS232 communication. Weighing data is exported in a format easy to read into LIMS systems.

Automatic dosing reduces the risk of weighing error, data transposition error, and flux contamination, thus improving consistency of final XRF results data.

By automating and streamlining the weighing routine, they significantly reduce operator time for sample preparation, allowing for higher throughput and improved efficiency.

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