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Gas Pycnometer Density Analyzer EASY-G 1310

High-precision density measurement using the gas displacement method.

Product Overview

The EASY-G 1310, designed by CIQTEK, is a state-of-the-art Gas Pycnometer Analyzer that employs the gas displacement method for accurate density measurements. This compact, lightweight device boasts high integration and offers exceptional value for its cost. With its multi-sample container design, it delivers precise and repeatable results, making it an indispensable tool for assessing the true density and porosity of various materials, including powders, bulk solids, and foams.

Features & Benefits

Precision Guaranteed:

Static volumetric method


Simultaneous testing of 4 samples.

User Experience:

Advanced testing software

Key Features

  • High Integration: Compact design with an embedded test computer for safe and stable operations.
  • Gas Displacement Method: Accurate measurement of true density and porosity of diverse materials.
  • Temperature Consistency: Integrated large package module ensures temperature uniformity during tests.
  • Versatile Sample Containers: Comes with four sample containers of varying diameters and capacities.
  • High Precision: Incorporates several breakthrough technologies ensuring accurate and repeatable results.
  • User-friendly Interface: 10-inch capacitive touch screen for a seamless control experience

About the Gas Pycnometer Density Analyzer EASY-G 1310

Introducing the EASY-G 1310, a groundbreaking Gas Pycnometer Analyzer developed by CIQTEK. In today’s fast-paced industrial world, there’s a pressing need for reliable density measurement equipment.

The EASY-G 1310 addresses this demand by offering a solution that combines precision with efficiency. Using the gas displacement method, this device stands out by providing accurate measurements of true density and porosity for a wide range of materials, from powders to bulk solids.

Its high integration and compact design make it a favourite among users, not to mention its high-cost performance due to the multi-sample container design. The EASY-G 1310 is not just about accurate measurements; it’s about ensuring that these measurements are consistent.

The integrated large package module and the embedded design of the sample containers play a crucial role in maintaining temperature consistency, thus reducing external influences during the testing process. With its well-designed sample cell and accessory holders, the device ensures that all your testing needs are within arm’s reach.

In essence, the EASY-G 1310 is a testament to CIQTEK’s commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient, and user-friendly products to the market.

"high-precision gas pycnometer
independently developed by CIQTEK"


Unified Temperature Control System

  • A robust metal pipeline system with a vast heat retention capability ensures even temperature distribution and gradual temperature shifts during testing.
  • The in-built design of the sample holder guarantees that the sample and gas temperatures align, reducing any test discrepancies due to temperature variations.
  • For unique samples requiring specific temperature measurements, the unified temperature control system can adjust the temperature as required.

Advanced Digital Data Collection System and Computation Model

  • The digital pressure and temperature sensors offer double the precision and are more resilient to disturbances compared to analog-output counterparts.
  • Utilizes standard RS485 or RS232 communication methods. Incorporate any number of sensors to the communication line for enhanced expandability.
  • The precise PρT gas density computation model rectifies any miscalculations arising from the gas’s non-ideal state, enhancing test precision.

Safety Features to Prevent Sample Spillage

  • A removable filter is positioned at the sample container’s base to stop the sample from entering the pipeline system.
  • Employing an air intake technique at the test chamber’s base ensures the sample doesn’t spill.
  • A two-tier gradual air intake system with software-driven intake speed control further safeguards against sample spillage..


Powder Metallurgy:

Metal powder, magnesium powder, iron powder, alumina powder, zirconia powder.

Granular Sample:

Glass powder or granules, crystal powder or granules.

Battery Industry:

Graphite, calcined petroleum coke.


Glass beads, floating beads, molecular sieves.

Coal sample:

Raw coal, pulverized coal.


Non-volatile, non-corrosive liquids and slurries.


Cement, lime, rock.

Open and Closed Porosity:

Block or foam materials such as rigid foam, rock.


Sliced bread, chicken, pork.

Product FAQ's

The EASY-G 1310 uses the gas displacement method for accurate density measurements.

Yes, it can accurately measure the true density and porosity of various materials, including powders, bulk solids, and foams.

The integrated large package module and the embedded design of the sample containers ensure temperature consistency.

It comes with four sample containers of different inner diameters and capacities.

Absolutely! It features a 10-inch capacitive touch screen for a seamless control experience.

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