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Gaspro High Pressure Gas Sorption

The Gaspro High-Pressure Gas Sorption is an automated gas sorption system for precise hydrogen storage and CO2 capture analysis.

Product Overview

The Gaspro High Pressure Gas Sorption System is a cutting-edge solution designed by SETARAM for gas sorption/desorption measurements in such areas such as hydrogen storage material analysis, CO2 capture, and sequestration technology. With its high accuracy pressure sensor and wide temperature range, it offers unparalleled precision in gas analysis. The system’s versatility in PCT, kinetics, and cycle-life modes makes it suitable for various applications, including geological substrate characterisation and energy & environment gas sorption.

Features & Benefits


Precision in Hydrogen Storage Analysis

CO2 Capture Technology for Environment

High Pressure, High Accuracy Performance

Key applications of Gaspro High Pressure Gas Sorption

  • High Accuracy Pressure Sensor: Ensures precise measurements in gas analysis.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Provides flexibility in gas sorption across various conditions.
  • PCT, Kinetics, and Cycle-Life Modes: Offers multiple functionalities for diverse applications.
  • Patented Microdoser Option: Enhances the precision of small gas sample measurements.
  • External Calorimeter Coupling Capability: Allows integration with other analytical tools for example yielding simultaneous gas sorption and heat evolution data
  • Energy & Environment Applications: Tailored for energy storage and environmental protection.
  • SETARAM Manometers: Ensures high pressure and high accuracy in gas analysis.

Gaspro High Pressure Gas Sorption Product Videos

About the Gaspro High Pressure Gas Sorption

Introducing the Gaspro High Pressure Gas Sorption System, a state-of-the-art product by SETARAM that addresses the growing need for precise gas analysis in various industrial and environmental applications. The challenge of accurately measuring and analysing gases, for example  in hydrogen storage and CO2 capture, has long been a complex issue. Gaspro is designed to solve this problem.

Utilising a high accuracy pressure sensor and a wide temperature range, Gaspro offers unparalleled precision in gas analysis. Its patented microdoser option ensures that even small gas samples can be measured with utmost accuracy. These features directly benefit customers by offering flexibility, efficiency, and precision in their operations.

Gaspro is not just a gas analysis tool; it’s a comprehensive solution for gas sorption. Its versatility in PCT, kinetics, and cycle-life modes makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from energy storage to environmental protection. Its external calorimeter coupling capability ensures ease of integration with other analytical tools, making it a user-friendly solution.

One of the unique aspects of Gaspro is its commitment to environmental protection. Its CO2 capture and sequestration technology make it an essential tool for combating climate change. Its precision in hydrogen storage material analysis makes it a valuable asset in the energy sector.

Made by SETARAM, a renowned name in laboratory instruments, Gaspro promises quality and reliability. Its design reflects a commitment to innovation and precision, setting a new standard in gas analysis solutions.

In conclusion, the Gaspro High Pressure Gas Sorption System is a testament to SETARAM’s dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern science and industry. Whether you are in energy, environment, or industrial applications, Gaspro is designed to elevate your operations to new heights of accuracy and efficiency.

"The Gaspro is SETARAM's high-precision instrument for analysing
gas sorption in materials, crucial for research in hydrogen storage and CO2 capture."

Product FAQ's

Gaspro is suitable for hydrogen storage material analysis, CO2 capture, geological substrate characterisation, and other areas requiring gas sorption measurements

Yes, Gaspro has an external calorimeter coupling capability for integration with other tools.

Gaspro’s high accuracy pressure sensor ensures precise measurements, even with small gas samples.

Yes, Gaspro meets various international standards, ensuring quality and reliability.

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