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High-Performance Laboratory Reactors for Advanced Research

High-performance laboratory reactors for advanced research, innovatively designed for chemical synthesis, process development, and more, offering versatility and innovation.

Product Overview

Parr Instrument Company laboratory scale reactors are engineered to meet the diverse needs of scientists and engineers.

Whether you’re conducting research, developing new processes, or testing materials under varying conditions, these reactors offer control, and versatility. From benchtop units to floor stand reactors, our range includes high pressure and high temperature, and glass reactors, catering to various scales of operation and experimental setups.

Designed for efficiency and safety, these reactors are the cornerstone of any modern high-pressure laboratory.

Features & Benefits

Key applications

  • Versatile Design: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from chemical synthesis to material testing.
  • High Precision Control: Equipped with advanced reactor controllers for precise temperature adjustments and process monitoring.
  • Safety Features: Built-in safety measures to protect users in extreme circumstances.
  • Customisable Options: From mini reactors to large-scale systems, tailored to specific research needs.
  • Enhanced Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials to withstand rigorous use.

About the High-Performance Laboratory Reactors for Advanced Research

Introducing our range of high-performance laboratory reactors, designed to address the complex demands of modern scientific research. These reactors are not merely equipment; they are the gateway to innovation in chemical synthesis, process development, and materials science.

The challenge in today’s research landscape lies in achieving precise control over experiments under varied conditions, a need fulfilled by our comprehensive reactor solutions.

Our product line spans from Parr Stirred Reactors, known for their precise agitation and control, to High Pressure Reactors capable of withstanding extreme conditions.

For those working in space-constrained labs, our Bench Top and Mini Reactors offer compact solutions without compromising on functionality. Researchers aiming for high-temperature experiments will find our High Temperature Reactors equipped to meet their demands, while our Glass Reactors provide visibility and chemical resistance for a wide range of reactions.


The key to our reactors’ success lies in their versatility and adaptability.

Custom Reactor Systems allow for a tailored approach, ensuring that each setup perfectly aligns with the specific requirements of the research at hand. Reactor Controllers play a pivotal role, offering users fine-tuned control over experiment conditions, thereby enhancing reproducibility and accuracy.

This range is not just about the variety of reactors but also about the thoughtfully designed Stirred Reactor Accessories that enhance functionality and user experience.

Safety is paramount, with each reactor featuring built-in measures to ensure user protection even under the most demanding experiments.

"Parr's Specialty & Custom Designed Reactor Systems merge innovation with precision,
offering tailor-made solutions that perfectly meet the unique
demands of modern research environments"

Product FAQ's

Our range includes Parr Stirred Reactors, Bench Top Reactors, High Pressure Reactors, and many more, designed for various laboratory needs.

Yes, we offer Custom Reactor Systems tailored to meet unique research requirements, ensuring optimal performance.

Consider your experiment’s pressure, temperature, and volume requirements. Our team is also available to help you select the perfect reactor.

Absolutely, our reactors are designed with advanced safety features to protect users under all operating conditions.

Glass reactors offer chemical resistance and clear visibility for monitoring reactions, ideal for a wide range of chemical processes.

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