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High-Pressure CO2 Pump Solutions

Innovative CO2 pumps for precision, high-throughput liquid delivery.

Product Overview

Core Separations introduces a groundbreaking range of CO2 pumps designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial and laboratory applications.

Our High-Pressure CO2 Pumps are engineered to provide unmatched precision and efficiency in liquid CO2 delivery.

With a focus on advanced technology and durability, these pumps cater to a wide range of applications, ensuring high throughput and consistent performance.

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in every aspect of design, from piston technology to advanced pressure control software, making our pumps the go-to choice for professionals seeking reliable and advanced fluid management solutions.

Features & Benefits

Key applications

  • Precision Liquid CO2 Delivery: Ensures accurate and controlled flow rates for optimal performance.
  • Advanced Pressure Control Software: Unparalleled control in achieving a static pressure within a pressure vessel, using our initiative pressure control mode.
  • Piston Pump Technology: Provides durability and reduces maintenance needs.
  • Efficient Cooling System Pumps: Keeps the pump and pump heads at optimal temperatures, for CO2 compression to enhance longevity and performance.
  • Remote Diagnosis Capable Pumps: Allows for easy troubleshooting and maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime.

High-Pressure CO2 Pump Solutions Product Videos

About the High-Pressure CO2 Pump Solutions

Introducing the Core High Pressure CO2 Pumps, a revolutionary solution designed to fulfill the critical needs of both industrial and laboratory settings for precise and high-throughput liquid CO2 delivery. At the heart of our innovation is the understanding of the common challenges faced by professionals in managing fluids under varying pressures and volumes. Our pumps are crafted to address these challenges head-on, providing a reliable, efficient, and precise solution that stands out in the market.

The problem of inconsistent flow rates, maintenance complexity, and operational inefficiencies are prevalent in many traditional pumping systems. Our High-Pressure CO2 Pumps are engineered to overcome these issues, offering features like advanced pressure control software and ceramic piston technology, which not only enhance performance but also significantly reduce downtime and maintenance costs. 


The incorporation of efficient cooling systems and the capability for remote diagnosis further ensure that our pumps deliver on the promise of high efficiency and reliability.

Our product stands out by not just meeting the basic requirements of liquid CO2 delivery but by elevating the standards of what a pump can achieve. From supporting supercritical CO2 reaction processes to providing precision in laboratory experiments, our pumps are versatile, durable, and ready to meet the demands of any high-stakes environment. With our commitment to quality and innovation, Core Separations High Pressure CO2 Pumps are here to set new benchmarks in the industry, offering unparalleled benefits to our customers.

"The Core Pumps from Core Separations offer robust and reliable fluid handling solutions,
engineered for high performance and durability in demanding applications."

Product FAQ's

Designed for both industrial and laboratory use, our pumps excel in applications requiring precise CO2 and liquid delivery, including supercritical fluid extraction and reaction processes.

It allows for precise control overflow rates and pressures, ensuring consistent performance and optimal results in every use.

Yes, thanks to the dual piston design and custom check valve manufacturing, our pumps are versatile across a range of viscosities.

This technology enhances durability, reduces wear and tear, and minimizes maintenance requirements, extending the pump’s lifespan.

Yes, all our models come with remote diagnosis capabilities, enabling easy troubleshooting and maintenance support.


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