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K77000/K77001 Automated Cloud and Pour Point Analyser

The K77000/K77001 Automated Cloud and Pour Point Analyser is an automated test system capable of determining the cloud point using optical detection and the pour point using an automatic tilt method.

Product Overview

The Automatic Cloud and Pour Point Analyser automatically measures cloud point by Optical Detection and pour point with the Automatic Tilt Method. 

The instrument has separate wireless heads for pour point and cloud point. Once the sample tube is placed inside the instrument, the head can easily be placed and secured onto the instrument which then recognises the head and automatically selects the appropriate method.

As liquid petroleum products cool, some hydrocarbons will begin to precipitate and crystallize into a solid. These crystals are referred to as “wax crystals.

Cloud Point is the temperature of a liquid sample when the smallest observable cluster of hydrocarbon crystals first occurs upon cooling. Once the optical system detects the presence of this solid wax, the temperature within 0.1°C is recorded. ASTM D5771 is the test method that describes the detection of cloud point. This test method covers temperatures from -60 °C to + 49 °C with a temperature resolution of 0.1 °C.

Pour Point is the lowest temperature at which movement of the test specimen is observed when tilted. For this method, the test specimen is examined at 1°C or 3°C intervals using a light emitter and light receiver to detect any movement. The pour point is measured using the automatic tilt method which is in accordance with ASTM D5950. This test method is designed to cover the range of temperatures from −66°C to +51°C

Both Cloud and Pour Point are an index of the lowest temperature of a petroleum product or a biodiesel fuel’s use for certain applications. Flow characteristics, such as pour point, can be critical for the operation of lubricating oil and fuel systems, petroleum blending and pipeline operations.

Features & Benefits

Optical Detection

Precise Cloud Point Analysis

Wireless Heads

Simplified Instrument Setup

Touch Screen Interface

Easy Navigation and Readability

Key Applications

  • Automatic determination of cloud point by Optical Detection and Pour Point via the Automatic Tilt Method: Automatic Detection gives more accurate results than a manual method and it eliminates analyst error and frees up analyst’s time.
  • Wireless Cloud Point and Pour Point Head: Each head is simple to fit onto the instrument and is recognised by the instrument. This means that the correct method is automatically loaded.
  • Integrated Cooling System negating the need for external cooling systems.
  • Industrial Touch Screen User Interface which is large and easy to read and navigate.
  • Standard test methods are pre-programmed eliminating user input errors. User-defined test programs can be created if required meaning flexibility for unusual applications.
  • Displays a clear graph of temperature vs. time for the sample and bath temperatures
  • Automatic calibration by means of 10 Point RTD Calibration, Sample Calibration and Jacket calibration
  • Optional password protection so that only select users can modify a method
  • Conforms to: ASTM D5771 and D5950:
  • Excellent Correlation to ASTM D97, D2500, D2500, D5853, D6074, D6158 ; ISO 3015, 3016; IP 15, 219; DIN 51597; FTM 791-201; NF T 60-105; JIS K2269


K77000/K77001 Automated Cloud and Pour Point Analyser
Product Video

About the K77000/K77001 Automated Cloud and Pour Point Analyser

The K77000 Cloud and Pour Point Analyser can be ordered as a Cloud Point Analyser only or a Pour Point Analyser. If ordered with both the instrument will come with a separate wireless head for each test.

Software is inbuilt and uses a 10.4 inch colour touchscreen which is also in-built.

The main screen shows which head is connected, both the jacket and sample temperature and the method, which is automatically loaded when the head is connected:

To begin a test:

  • Enter Sample ID, Operator Name and Expected Value,
  • Select a Test Method
  • Press Start to begin a test.
K77000 K77001 Automated Cloud and Pour Point Analyser Screen shot 1

A graph showing the sample and bath temperature is displayed:

Once completed the results can be viewed:

K77000 K77001 Automated Cloud and Pour Point Analyser Screen shot 3

Results can be easily searched, viewed, printed, and sent via LIMS.

Contact us for further information or a demonstration with your samples.

"The Koehler Automatic Cloud and Pour Point Analyser provides essential insights
into petroleum products' cold flow properties, optimising low-temperature performance."

Product FAQ's

The test uses around 60mls of sample, as per ASTM D5771 and D5950. 

Cloud point is detected by optical detection. 

Pour point is detected by the automatic tilt method.

Yes, the K77000 has both a pour point and a cloud point wireless head

Yes all data is stored in the in-built PC and can be exported and printed if required. Data can also be transferred to a USB stick. 

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