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Matex PHASE offers non-destructive, fast control of hard or magnetic materials with cutting-edge technology.

Product Overview

Matex PHASE is a revolutionary solution designed to provide perfect control over the specifications of hard or magnetic materials. Utilising sensor technology based on a magnetic principle, it offers non-destructive, fast, and reliable measurements.

Whether dealing with alloys, cutting tools, hard metals, or specialty metals, Matex PHASE ensures measurement accuracy and fast control, meeting the challenges of various industrial applications.

Features & Benefits


EPA Compliant

Non-Destructive Measurements

Fast Control




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Key applications of Matex PHASE

  • Magnetic Principle Technology: Enables non-destructive measurements of magnetic materials.
  • Fast and Reliable Measurements: Ensures quick control and high accuracy.
  • Versatility: Suitable for alloys, cutting tools, hard metals, and specialty metals.
  • Automated Tests: Provides ease of operation and consistent results.
  • Residual Austenite Measurement: Offers additional insights into material properties.
  • Compatibility with Various Elements: Including cobalt, nickel, and carbon balance.

Matex PHASE Product Videos

About the Matex PHASE

In the ever-evolving world of industrial materials, the need for precise control and measurement of hard and magnetic materials has never been more critical. Traditional methods may lack speed, accuracy, or the ability to provide non-destructive testing. 

Matex PHASE is designed to address these challenges, offering a solution that leverages magnetic principle technology for fast, reliable, and non-destructive control.


Matex PHASE’s standout features include its ability to measure specific saturation magnetisation (SSM), fast control, automated tests, versatility in handling various materials like alloys, cutting tools, hard metals, and specialty metals, and compatibility with elements like cobalt, nickel, and carbon balance. 

These features directly benefit customers by providing precise measurements, saving time, enhancing quality control, and offering insights into residual austenite.

Whether in the field of permanent magnets, electromagnetic sensors, or other applications, Matex PHASE is an essential tool that ensures quality and efficiency.


"The Matex PHASE is an automated, non-destructive tool for analyzing
the magnetic properties of hard or magnetic materials, particularly useful
for alloy composition and material control."

Product FAQ's

It uses magnetic principle technology for non-destructive measurements.

Yes, it’s suitable for alloys, cutting tools, hard metals, and specialty metals.

It offers quick and reliable measurements, ensuring efficient quality control.

Yes, it includes automated tests for consistent performance.

It provides measurements of specific saturation magnetisation, offering insights into residual austenite.

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