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MicroCalvet Calorimeter - Precision in Calorimetry

MicroCalvet Calorimeter

Highly sensitive MicroCalvet Calorimeter for advanced material analysis.

Product Overview

The MicroCalvet Calorimeter excels in the field of calorimetry offering unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy in heat flow measurement and heat capacity assessments.

Engineered with cutting-edge Calvet 3D sensor technology, it delivers comprehensive heat flow data across a wide range of temperatures, including sub-ambient and high vacuum conditions.

This instrument is a cornerstone for researchers and professionals in life sciences, food material characterisation, polymer analysis, and more, seeking to unravel the thermal properties of complex materials under varying conditions.

Features & Benefits

MicroCalvet Calorimeter - Precision in Calorimetry

Calvet 3D Technology

Unmatched Sensitivity

Precision Across Temperatures

Sub-Ambient to High

High-Pressure Studies

Enhanced Material Insights

Key applications

  • High Sensitivity Calorimetry: Employs Calvet 3D sensor technology for unmatched detection of small thermal events.
  • Temperature Measurement Accuracy: Offers precise control and monitoring, even at sub-ambient temperatures.
  • Heat Capacity Measurements: Enables detailed analysis of materials’ thermal behaviour under various conditions.
  • High Pressure Cell Calorimeter: Ideal for studying materials under extreme pressures, enhancing its applicability in industrial research.
  • Advanced Calorimetry Instruments: Incorporates SETARAM calorimetry solutions for a broad spectrum of applications, from life science to flow assurance calorimetry.

MicroCalvet Calorimeter Product Video

About the MicroCalvet Calorimeter

The MicroCalvet Calorimeter represents a breakthrough in the field of calorimetry, engineered to meet the rigorous demands of advanced research and material characterisation.

This instrument addresses the critical need for precise thermal analysis, offering a solution to the complex challenge of understanding the thermal properties of diverse materials, from polymers to biological substances.

Its standout feature, the Calvet 3D sensor technology, ensures high sensitivity calorimetry, enabling researchers to detect even the most subtle thermal events.

This calorimeter is not just an instrument but a comprehensive solution for a wide range of applications, including life science calorimetry applications, food material characterisation tools, and polymer characterisation.

Its ability to perform under high pressure and in high vacuum environments makes it a versatile tool for studying materials in conditions that mimic real-life applications.

Whether it’s for heat storage material analysis or flow assurance calorimetry, the MicroCalvet Calorimeter delivers reliability, accuracy, and precision.

"The MicroCalvet by Setaram Solutions offers unmatched sensitivity and precision in calorimetry, setting a new benchmark for thermal analysis in research and development."

Product FAQ's

It offers a wide temperature range, including sub-ambient to high-temperature measurements, ensuring flexibility across various research needs.

Yes, it features a high-pressure cell, making it suitable for experiments under extreme pressure conditions.

This technology provides high sensitivity calorimetry, enabling the detection of minute thermal transitions, crucial for detailed material analysis.

Absolutely, it’s designed for a range of applications, including food material characterisation, providing valuable insights into thermal properties.

Yes, it is capable of high vacuum calorimetry, offering versatility for studies requiring reduced pressure conditions.

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