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Multi EA 4000 Analyser

The Multi EA 4000 is an Advanced Combustion Elemental Analysis that offers precise analysis of C, S, and Cl in both solid and viscous samples

Product Overview

The Multi EA 4000 analyser represents the pinnacle in combustion elemental analysis, designed for accurate and fast determination of carbon, sulphur, and chlorine content in both solid and viscous liquid sample types.

The EA 4000 can measure from ppb levels to high percentage elemental concentrations. This high-temperature combustion analyser is equipped with cutting-edge analysis equipment, ensuring unparalleled precision for both organic and inorganic materials analysis.

Features & Benefits

Precise Elemental Analysis: C, S, Cl.

High Throughput: Automated sample processing.

Accurate Detection: Advanced NDIR technology.

Key applications

  • High-Temperature Combustion Technology: Delivers precise carbon, sulphur, and chlorine analysis.
  • Automated Solids Sampler: Enhances efficiency with high sample throughput.
  • Low Maintenance Design: Ensures long-term reliability and reduced downtime.
  • Catalyst-Free Decomposition: Offers environmentally friendly analysis.
  • NDIR Detector: Guarantees accurate detection of carbon and sulphur.

Multi EA 4000 Analyser Product Video

About the Multi EA 4000 Analyser

The Multi EA 4000 analyser emerges as a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of elemental analysis, meticulously designed to surmount the rigorous demands of accurate and swift determination of elemental content. This cutting-edge instrument heralds a new era in the analysis of carbon, sulphur, and chlorine, catering to an extensive array of samples with unmatched precision and efficiency. 

At the heart of its design, the analyser features an innovative high-temperature combustion technology, which ensures the accurate decomposition of samples for elemental analysis. This core technology is complemented by an automated solids sampler, streamlining the workflow and significantly enhancing sample throughput with minimal manual intervention. The system’s automated capabilities are not just a nod to efficiency but also to accuracy, ensuring that each analysis is conducted under optimal conditions for reliable results.

One of the most compelling aspects of the Multi EA 4000 is its commitment to environmental stewardship. The analyser employs a catalyst-free decomposition technology, minimising the environmental footprint of analytical processes. This feature not only underscores the system’s alignment with sustainable lab practices but also reduces the need for hazardous chemicals in the analysis process. 

Moreover, the analyser’s design philosophy embraces low maintenance, a critical consideration for busy laboratories. Its robust construction and thoughtful engineering mean that the system requires less frequent servicing, translating into lower operational costs and reduced downtime. This reliability is further enhanced by the use of durable ceramic combustion tubes, which offer extended lifespans even under high-usage conditions.

The system’s analytical prowess is broad, capable of handling a wide spectrum of sample types – from environmental matrices to industrial products, ensuring that laboratories across various sectors can leverage its capabilities. Whether it’s for research, quality control, or regulatory compliance, the Multi EA 4000 stands ready to deliver top-notch analytical performance.

Its integration of a sophisticated NDIR detector for carbon and sulphur analysis exemplifies the analyser’s precision. This detector allows for the accurate quantification of these elements, essential for studies relating to environmental pollution, material properties, and chemical composition. The combination of the furnace and detector means the EA 4000 can measure a number of different carbon species; TC, TOC, TIC, EC, OC, BOC, RC and AC. 

In essence, the Multi EA 4000 analyser is not merely an instrument but a comprehensive solution that addresses the myriad challenges of elemental analysis. Its blend of speed, accuracy, environmental consciousness, and user-friendly design makes it an invaluable asset for laboratories aiming to elevate their analytical capabilities. With this system, laboratories are not just equipped to meet the current demands of elemental analysis but are also poised to embrace future challenges, thanks to its forward-thinking features and robust performance.


"The multi EA 4000 efficiently analyses carbon, sulfur, and chlorine in solids,
combining automation, durability, and simplicity for reliable results."

Product FAQ's

It’s capable of analysing a wide range of organic and inorganic samples.

Through its advanced NDIR detector and high-temperature combustion technology.

Yes, it adheres to a massive range of ASTM, ISO, UOP, and IP standards.

Yes, it comes with EAvolution Software for user-friendly analysis.

Yes, it’s tailored to the Environmental industry’s specific needs.

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