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Multi EA 5100​

The Multi EA 5100 is a versatile Micro-Elemental Analyser for Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Chlorine Analysis with Double Furnace Technology. 

Product Overview

The Multi EA 5100 Micro-Elemental Analyser is a state-of-the-art solution designed for the comprehensive determination of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, and chlorine in any matrices. With unique double furnace technology, it offers unparalleled flexibility to handle solids, liquids, pastes, and gases. The HiPerSens Detection system ensures high sensitivity across a wide range of concentrations, making it suitable for diverse applications in industries such as petrochemical, environmental, food & agriculture, and more.

Features & Benefits

Double Furnace Technology

Optimal Results for Every Matrix

HiPerSens Detection

Ultra-Trace Analysis Capability

Auto-Protection System

Maximum Operational Safety

Key applications

  • Double Furnace Technology: Vertical and horizontal combustion combined for optimal results.
  • HiPerSens Detection: Ensures sensitivity in ultra-trace analysis with a wide linear measuring range.
  • Flame Sensor Technology: Guarantees matrix-optimised, quantitative combustion, even for unknown samples. 
  • Auto-Protection System: Protects the analyser from damage caused by particles, aerosols, and liquids.
  • Versatile Automation Possibilities: Flexible automation for high sample throughput and any sample type. 
  • Compliance with ASTM, DIN, ISO, UOP: Meets international and national regulations.
  • Applications in Various Industries: Including Oil & Gas Analysis, Petrochemical and Chemical Industries, Environmental Analysis, and Food & Agriculture Testing.

About theMulti EA 5100

The Multi EA 5100, presented by Analytik Jena, is not just an analytical instrument; it’s a comprehensive solution for industries grappling with the complexities of micro-elemental analysis.

This device emerges as a beacon of innovation in the field, particularly for sectors like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Environmental, Food, and Agriculture. Its core strength lies in its Double Furnace Technology and HiPerSens Detection system, which together deliver precise and reliable results, crucial for maintaining industry standards and compliance with ASTM, DIN, ISO, and UOP regulations.

The EA 5100 is designed to handle ant sample matrix for C, N, S and Cl analysis. 

Multi EA 5100 Advanced Micro-Elemental Analyzer for Comprehensive Analysis close up

In the realm of safety, the Multi EA 5100 sets new standards with its advanced Flame Sensor Technology and Auto-Protection System, ensuring the well-being of the operators and the longevity of the equipment. These features are not just a testament to the product’s engineering but also reflect Analytik Jena’s commitment to user safety and product durability.

The product’s versatility is unmatched, offering solutions that cater to diverse industry needs. Whether it’s conducting rigorous environmental analysis or ensuring the quality and safety of food and agricultural products, the Multi EA 5100 stands as an indispensable tool. Its high sample throughput capability, bolstered by versatile automation possibilities, makes it an ideal choice for laboratories aiming for efficiency without compromising on accuracy.

"The multi EA 5100 is a comprehensive micro-elemental analyser for
sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine, and carbon, designed for high-throughput,
cost-effective analysis in diverse laboratory settings."

Product FAQ's

The Multi EA 5100 can analyse solid, liquid, gaseous, and LPG samples.

Yes, it is compliant with common international and national regulations such as ASTM, EPA, DIN, ISO, UOP, EN.

It can be used across industries like Petrochemical, Natural Gas Production, Environmental, Food & Beverages, Power Stations, and more.

The Double Furnace Technology allows both vertical and horizontal combustion, ensuring optimal results for every sample matrix.

The Auto-Protection System in the Multi EA 5100 protects the analyser from damage caused by particles, aerosols, and liquids, ensuring safe operation.

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