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Multi-Sample Thermogravimetric Analyser for Precision Material Testing

Multi-sample Thermogravimetric Analyser provide state-of-the-art TGA equipment for comprehensive thermal stability and decomposition analysis, ensuring precision material testing. 

Product Overview

Our Thermogravimetric Analysers (TGA) are designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern material science, offering unparalleled precision and throughput in thermal measurement.

These advanced thermal analysis instruments are essential for researchers and professionals conducting material decomposition analysis, thermal stability testing, and quantitative mass loss measurement. With capabilities extending to high-temperature and multi sample analysis, our equipment facilitates automated TGA analysis across a broad range of materials.

Equipped with intuitive thermal gravimetric analysis software, our TGAs support advanced TGA techniques, making them a pivotal tool in laboratory thermal analysis and material characterisation.

Features & Benefits

Accurate Temperature Readings

Efficient Batch Automated Analysis

In-depth Material Characterisation with high throughput

Key applications

  • Precision Thermal Measurement: Ensures high accuracy and high throughput in temperature readings and material decomposition (mass) analysis.
  • Automated TGA Analysis: Streamlines the testing process for efficient and reliable results.
  • High-Temperature Systems: Capable of operating under extreme temperatures for comprehensive thermal stability testing.
  • Advanced TGA Techniques: Incorporates the latest methodologies for in-depth material characterisation.
  • User-Friendly Software: Simplifies data acquisition and analysis, enhancing laboratory workflow.

Multi-sample Thermogravimetric Analyser Product Video

About the Multi-sample Thermogravimetric Analyser

Our Thermogravimetric Analysers (TGA) are designed to fulfil the evolving needs of material science, providing high precision thermal/mass measurement for a wide array of applications. From assessing material decomposition to conducting rigorous thermal stability tests, our TGAs offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

At the heart of our TGAs lies the commitment to innovation and quality. These instruments are not just tools but can provide a deeper understanding of material properties.

They are developed with the user in mind, featuring automated analysis functions that streamline the testing process, allowing for more time to be spent on data interpretation and less on manual operations.

This automation is complemented by our advanced thermal gravimetric analysis software, which simplifies the complex process of data acquisition and analysis, making it accessible to both seasoned researchers and novices alike.

Our high-temperature TGA systems offer the ability to operate under extreme conditions, broadening the scope of thermal analysis. This capability is crucial for materials that undergo significant transformations at high temperatures, providing insights that are vital for a wide range of industries. Moreover, the incorporation of advanced TGA techniques into our equipment ensures that users can conduct comprehensive material characterisation and decomposition analysis with an unprecedented level of detail.

The versatility and precision of our TGAs make them an indispensable asset in research and development settings. They are designed to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our users. Whether it’s for academic research, quality control, or product development, our Thermogravimetric Analysers provide the data and insights needed to make informed decisions.

"The TGA-2000A-40-EB Series enhances thermogravimetric analysis with its unique dual carousel
and external balance, delivering unmatched efficiency for diverse material testing."

Product FAQ's

Our TGA equipment is versatile enough to analyse a wide range of materials, from polymers and composites to metals and ceramics, providing critical data on thermal stability and decomposition.

Automated TGA analysis streamlines the testing process, reduces the potential for human error, and allows for high-throughput analysis, significantly enhancing research efficiency and reliability.

Yes, our high-temperature TGA systems are designed to operate at extreme temperatures of up to 1000C, enabling comprehensive analysis of materials that undergo significant transformations at high heat.

While our TGAs are user-friendly, we provide comprehensive training and support to ensure users can maximise the capabilities of the equipment for their specific research needs.

Our software simplifies data acquisition and analysis, offering intuitive interfaces and advanced data processing capabilities to enhance accuracy and insight into material properties.

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