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Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer

NanoBrook Series Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyser

Advanced particle characterisation using Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) with the NanoBrook Series Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyser. 

Product Overview

The NanoBrook Series Particle Analyzer is a cutting-edge solution by Brookhaven Instruments for nanoparticle characterisation.  

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)  offers information on both particle size and Zeta Potential measurement delivering unparalleled accuracy in protein and nanoparticle sizing determination.

With three scattering angles and high sensitivity, the NanoBrook Series provides rapid and precise particle analysis, suitable for a vaste range of materials and liquids  

Features & Benefits

Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer

Dynamic Light Scattering

Accurate Zeta Potential Analysis, ELS and PALS

Rapid analysis within a few minutes

Key applications of Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer

  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Technology: Enables precise particle sizing.
  • Three Scattering Angles: Allows determination of a range of sizes from 0.5 nanometre up to 10 microns
  • High Sensitivity Particle Measurement: Ensures detailed characterisation.
  • Configurable Platform: Allows customization for specific particle sizing needs.
  • NanoBrook Omni: Five DLS technologies in one instrument offers unparalleled detailed characterisation of materials and particles
  • Compatibility with High Salts and Organic Solvents: Extends the application range.
  • Zeta Potential Measurement with ELS and PALS: Offers accurate surface charge analysis critical to the stability of liquid products.
  • Phase Analysis Light Scattering (PALS): Enables advanced zeta potential analysis.

About the Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyser

Brookhaven Instruments addresses the complex challenge of particle characterisation and Zeta Potential all in one instrument. 

Ranging from pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals, the need for precise and accurate particle analysis is paramount. The NanoBrook Series is designed to fulfil this need.

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) offers unparalleled precision in particle sizing, whether it’s proteins, nanoparticles, or polymers, the system’s high sensitivity ensures detailed characterisation. Its Zeta Potential Measurement with both ELS (electrophoretic light scattering) and PALS (Phase Analysis Light Scattering) adds another layer of accuracy and characterisation. 

Brookhaven Particle size measurement

One of the standout features of the NanoBrook Series is its three scattering angles. This capability offers precision analysis allowing for a wide range of applications and sizes to be studied from 0.5 nanometres up to 10 microns making it a versatile solution for various industries.

The NanoBrook Omni, the top-of-the-range instrument in the series, offers measurements across various samples. It contains five DLS techniques on offer in one chassis making analytical capabilities the best in class. Its compatibility with high salts and organic solvents extends its application range, making it a comprehensive solution for particle size analysis and Zeta Potential.

In conclusion, the NanoBrook Series Particle Analyzer is more than just a particle analysis tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that caters to the evolving needs of modern science and industry.

Whether you are in pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, or any field requiring precise particle analysis, the NanoBrook Series is designed to cover all your requirements in one instrument. 

"The NanoBrook Series offers sophisticated particle sizing and zeta potential analysis
with advanced light scattering technology, ideal for precise
sub-micron particle characterization"

Product FAQ's

The NanoBrook Series offers three scattering angles, and high sensitivity for precise particle analysis.

Yes, it is ideal for molecular weight determination of polymers.

Yes, it is compatible with high salts concentrations and organic solvents.

Zeta Potential Measurement provides accurate surface charge analysis, essential in various applications.

Yes, it is an ideal instrument for the study of emulsions to determine both the size distribution and stability of the product.

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