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The NEX QC+ QuantEZ: Benchtop EDXRF Elemental Analyser is a powerful, user-friendly benchtop XRF analyser for precise elemental analysis across a wide range of samples.

Product Overview

The NEX-QC + Quant EZ is a fine addition to the QC range of compact benchtop ED-XRF from RIGAKU. Whilst using the same hardware platform as the NEX-QC+ model, the touchscreen interface has been replaced by a Windows-based interface.

Just as the other NEX-QC’s, then NEX-QC+ Quant EZ is designed to be ultra-simple to use, robust and able to operate in harsher production environments than the average ED-XRF. Futhermore, with the Windows platform, the user will have access to much more powerful features using the well established RPF-SQX Standardless software from RIGAKU.

This software enables the accurate screening of totally unknown samples as well as the use of the Matching Library tools to set up even more quantitative applications when the availability of certified standards is limited.

Features & Benefits


Bottom-loading furnace

Closed, bottom-loading chamber gives best temperature control

Intuitive touch screen

Simple operation and monitoring of fusion progress

High throughput option

VITRIOX® 4+ chamber capacity fuses 4 samples simultaneously

Key applications

  • Powerful QuantEZ Windows®-based software: Simplifies XRF analysis with an intuitive user interface.
  • SDD Detector: Offers superior resolution and sensitivity for a wide range of elements.
  • Automated Tube Filters: 6 tube filters positions and shutter to enhance analytical flexibility and precision.
  • Broad Elemental Coverage: Accurate analysis from Al to U.
  • Cost-Effective: Delivers high-end performance at a lower investment and operating cost.

NEX QC+ QuantEZ Product Video

About the NEX QC+ QuantEZ

Introducing the NEX QC+ QuantEZ EDXRF Analyser, Rigaku’s recent innovation in benchtop ED-XRF elemental analysis.

This advanced analytical instrument is designed to meet the growing demands of modern laboratories for fast, accurate, and reliable elemental analysis.

The analyser leverages the power of Energy Dispersive XRF Technology, offering an unparalleled analysis range from Aluminium to Uranium, catering to a broad spectrum of materials, including solids, liquids, and thin films.

At the heart of the NEX QC+ lies the QuantEZ software, a game-changer in XRF analysis. This software simplifies the complexity of XRF analysis, allowing users of all levels to achieve accurate results with minimal training. The software’s intuitive interface guides users through the application set up, making sophisticated XRF analysis accessible to everyone.

The inclusion of a state-of-the-art Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) ensures that the NEX QC+ delivers exceptional sensitivity and resolution across the entire elemental range.

This, combined with automated tube filters, allows for optimised analysis conditions for each element, ensuring precise and accurate results every time. The NEX QC+ is not just about performance; it’s also designed with the user in mind.

Its compact footprint and low-cost operation make it an ideal solution for laboratories looking to expand their analytical capabilities without extensive space or budget.

"The QUANTEZ by Rigaku revolutionizes EDXRF analysis, offering superior precision
and speed in elemental determination across diverse applications."

Product FAQ's

Its integration with QuantEZ software and the advanced SDD detector offers unmatched ease of use and precision.

Yes, it can accurately analyse light elements, thanks to its high sensitivity and automated tube filters.

Minimal training is needed due to the intuitive QuantEZ software, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. User training is always included with every instrument.

Through its superior SDD detector, automated tube filters, and optimised analysis conditions for each element.

Absolutely, its versatility and precision make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from research to industrial quality control.

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