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Compensated Jacket Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Model 6100

High-precision calorimeter for rapid and accurate energy measurement.

Product Overview

The Model 6100 Compensated Jacket Calorimeter is a state-of-the-art scientific instrument designed for precise heat and energy measurement from  combustion analysis. Often referred to as an Oxygen bomb calorimeter, it can measure the total calories (net and gross) when a sample is combusted. It combines the best features of traditional calorimetry with modern technology, offering rapid testing capabilities with exceptional repeatability. Ideal for laboratory settings, this calorimeter is essential for thermodynamic analysis, chemical analysis, and energy measurement, ensuring accurate results in calorimetry research.

Features & Benefits

Rapid Testing:
Up to 5 tests/hour"

Compact Design:
Minimal bench space

Intuitive Interface:
User-friendly operation"

Advanced Tech:
Modern digital capabilities

High Precision
Real-time thermal correction

Key applications

  • Rapid Testing: Capable of performing up to 5 tests per hour.
  • Compact Design: Requires minimal laboratory bench space.
  • Intuitive Interface: Modern graphical user interface for ease of operation and training.
  • Advanced Technology: Incorporates up-to-date digital hardware, software, and communication capabilities.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of samples, releasing from 52 to 12,000 calories per test.
  • Precision: Real-time thermal correction capabilities ensure high precision in results.
  • Self-contained: All sensors and controls are built into a single, compact unit.
  • Connectivity: Features USB and Ethernet ports for seamless data transfer and communication.

Product Videos

About the Bomb Calorimeter Model 6100

The Model 6100 Compensated Jacket Calorimeter is not just another scientific instrument; it’s a solution to the challenges faced in calorimetry.

In the realm of scientific research, the need for accurate heat measurement and combustion analysis is paramount.

Traditional calorimeters, while reliable, often fall short in terms of speed and repeatability. The Model 6100 addresses this gap, offering rapid testing capabilities without compromising on precision.

Its real-time thermal correction capabilities stand out, ensuring that each test is as accurate as the last. But it’s not just about speed and accuracy; the Model 6100 is designed for the modern laboratory. Its compact design ensures it fits comfortably on any bench, while its intuitive graphical user interface makes training and operation a breeze.

Furthermore, its advanced digital hardware and software capabilities mean it’s ready for the future, making it a long-term investment for any laboratory. 

"The 6100 Compensated Jacket Calorimeter from Parr Instrument Company
is designed for precise heat of combustion measurements in various materials,
ideal for fuel and energy content analysis in laboratory settings."

Product FAQ's

The Model 6100 can perform up to 5 tests per hour.

Yes, it can test samples releasing from 52 to 12,000 calories per test.

Absolutely, it features both USB and Ethernet ports for data transfer and communication.

It utilises real-time thermal correction capabilities to provide accurate results.

Yes, it has an intuitive graphical user interface designed for ease of operation and training.

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