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Parr Shaker Hydrogenators

Efficient Parr Shaker Hydrogenation apparatus for precise catalytic hydrogenation in laboratories

Product Overview

The Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus, a collaboration between SciMed and the renowned Parr Instrument Company, is a state-of-the-art solution for catalytic hydrogenation.

Designed to cater to the Series 3910 and 3920, this apparatus is pivotal for organic compounds synthesis, reduction, and condensation. Made with a borosilicate glass vessel, it ensures durability and precision, making it a staple for modern chemical laboratories.

Features & Benefits

Tailored Design

Series 3910 and 3920 Compatibility

Versatile Operations

Stirred & Flow Tubular Reactors

Efficient Synthesis

Solid Catalyst Presence

Key applications of Parr Shaker Hydrogenation

  • Series 3910 and 3920 Compatibility: Tailored for specific hydrogenation needs.
  • Borosilicate Glass Vessel: Ensures durability and chemical resistance.
  • Organic Compounds Synthesis: Facilitates complex chemical processes.
  • Explosion Proof Motor: Enhances safety during operations.
  • Stirred Reactors & Continuous Flow Tubular Reactors: Offers versatility in hydrogenation processes.
  • Pressure Reactors: Allows for operations under varied pressure conditions.
  • Ace Glass Hydrogenator: Ensures precision in chemical treatment with hydrogen.
  • Solid Catalyst Presence: Enhances the efficiency of the hydrogenation process.
  • Laboratory Procedure Standard: Meets the highest laboratory standards for safety and efficiency.

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About the Parr Shaker Hydrogenation

In the intricate world of chemical laboratories, the need for efficient, safe, and precise catalytic hydrogenation is paramount. Traditional methods, while effective, often lack the precision and safety features required for modern-day chemical processes. The Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus, a product of collaboration between SciMed and the esteemed Parr Instrument Company, addresses this gap.

This apparatus isn’t just another piece of laboratory equipment; it’s a revolution in catalytic hydrogenation. Designed specifically for the Series 3910 and 3920, it ensures that the hydrogenation process, whether it’s organic compounds synthesis, reduction, or condensation, is carried out with utmost precision. The borosilicate glass vessel not only guarantees durability but also ensures that the chemical reactions are not compromised.

Safety, a primary concern in any laboratory, is at the forefront of this apparatus’s design. The explosion-proof motor ensures that even in the most volatile of reactions, the apparatus remains safe. Furthermore, the inclusion of stirred reactors and continuous flow tubular reactors means that this apparatus can handle a variety of hydrogenation processes, making it versatile and indispensable.

In essence, the Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus is not just a product; it’s a promise. A promise of efficiency, safety, and precision, ensuring that laboratories can conduct their hydrogenation processes without any compromise.

"The Parr Shaker Hydrogenators provide efficient and reliable
hydrogenation solutions for diverse laboratory applications"

Product FAQ's

Its compatibility with Series 3910 and 3920, safety features, and versatility in hydrogenation processes.

Absolutely, it comes with an explosion-proof motor ensuring maximum safety.

It ensures durability and resistance to chemicals, guaranteeing precise reactions.

Yes, with stirred reactors and continuous flow tubular reactors, it offers great versatility.

It enhances the efficiency and precision of the hydrogenation process.

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