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FLUXANA Calibration Standard packages

FLUXANA Calibration Standard packages provide precision in X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis by offering complete solutions for various application methods to achieve accurate results.

Product Overview

This advanced instrument not only measures the sulfur peak but also the background intensity, ensuring superior calibrations and enhanced real-world precision.

Compliant with international standards like ASTM D2622-10, ISO 20884, and JIS K2541-7, it stands as a testament to Rigaku’s commitment to quality and precision.

Features & Benefits


Precision Sulfur Analysis

As low as 0.3 ppm

Compliance Assured

Meets global standards

High Sensitivity

With RX-9 analyzing crystal Interface

Key applications of Rigaku Micro-Z ULS

• Ultra-low sulfur analysis of diesel and gasoline.
• Lower limit of detection (LLD) of 0.3 ppm sulfur.
• No requirement for Helium purge.
• Benchtop design for easy use and accessibility.
• Compliance with ASTM D2622-10, ISO 20884, and JIS K2541-7 standards.
• Unique design that measures both sulfur peak and background intensity.
• Robust fixed optics in a vacuum environment.
• Doubly curved RX-9 analyzing crystal for high sensitivity measurements.
• Specifically designed interface for non-technical users.
• Powered by any standard AC outlet.

Rigaku Micro-Z ULS Product Video

About the Rigaku Micro-Z ULS

The quest for accurate and efficient sulfur analysis in petroleum fuels has been a significant challenge for many industries. The Rigaku Micro-Z ULS emerges as a solution to this problem, offering unparalleled precision in detecting ultra-low sulfur levels.

This instrument, a product of Rigaku’s relentless pursuit of excellence, is not just another WDXRF spectrometer. It’s a testament to innovation, designed meticulously to measure both the sulfur peak and the background intensity.

This unique capability ensures that any changes in the background intensity are accounted for, resulting in superior calibrations and unmatched real-world precision.

But what truly sets the Micro-Z ULS apart is its user-centric design. Recognizing that not every user is technically inclined, Rigaku has ensured that all operations, from calibration to routine analysis, are straightforward and intuitive.


This ease of use does not come at the expense of quality. The instrument complies with globally recognized standards such as ASTM D2622-10, ISO 20884, and JIS K2541-7, making it a trusted choice for industries worldwide.

Moreover, the inclusion of robust fixed optics in a vacuum environment and the specially designed doubly curved RX-9 analyzing crystal means that the Micro-Z ULS consistently delivers high sensitivity measurements.

In a world where accuracy can impact decisions, the Rigaku Micro-Z ULS stands as a beacon of reliability, ensuring that industries can trust their sulfur analysis results, every single time.

"The Rigaku Micro-Z ULS specializes in ultra-low level sulfur analysis in fuels
like diesel and petrol, offering enhanced precision and calibration​"

Product FAQ's

The Micro-Z ULS can detect sulfur levels as low as 0.3 ppm.

No, the Micro-Z ULS does not require any Helium purge.

The instrument complies with ASTM D2622-10, ISO 20884, and JIS K2541-7 standards.

Yes, it is specifically designed to be user-friendly for both technical and non-technical users.

The RX-9 analyzing crystal enhances the instrument’s sensitivity, ensuring high precision measurements.

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