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Rigaku NEX DE: Advanced High-Resolution EDXRF Analyser

Rigaku NEX DE

Rigaku NEX DE is a leading-edge EDXRF analyser offering unparalleled resolution and accuracy for elemental analysis

Product Overview

High Performance ED-XRF with 60KV tube and Super Fast Detector. Outstanding speed of analysis and lowest detection limits for heavy elements such as Cadmium. Optional small or variable spot analysis with the NEX-DE VS configuration.

Features & Benefits

Rigaku NEX DE: Advanced High-Resolution EDXRF Analyser

Superior SDD Resolution

Broad Na to U Coverage

Intuitive QuantEZ Software

Key applications

  • High-Resolution Silicon Drift Detector (SDD): Ensures superior resolution and sensitivity.
  • Wide Elemental Coverage: Capable of analysing elements from Na to U.
  • QuantEZ Software Integration: Streamlines the analysis process with an intuitive interface.
  • Non-Destructive Analysis: Preserves sample integrity during testing.
  • Versatile Sample Handling: Accommodates a broad range of sample types, from solids to liquids.

Rigaku NEX DE Product Video

About the Rigaku NEX DE

The NEX-DE is a ground breaking high performance benchtop ED-XRF. It boasts the most rapid analysis times and unrivalled counting statistics. 

Add the 60KV tube for unrivalled excitation of toxic metals such as Cadmium, the NEX-DE is creating new opportunities for the use of XRF spectroscopy.

 XRF with 60kV X-ray tube and SDD detector

The 60kV X-ray tube and Peltier cooled FAST SDD® Silicon Drift Detector deliver exceptional short-term repeatability and long-term reproducibility with excellent element peak resolution. This  means that the best results can be achieved with very short measurment times.


The high voltage capability (60 kV), along with high emission current and multiple automated X-ray tube filters, provides a wide range of XRF applications versatility and low limits-of-detection (LOD).


Rigaku NEX DE: Advanced High-Resolution EDXRF Analyser
Rigaku NEX DE: Advanced High-Resolution EDXRF Analyser


The NEX-DE VS is a specially modified version of the NEX-DE. 

This special version has variable meaurment spots as well as a camera, which together enable the user to observe the section of the sample which will be measured as well as choose the actual size of the measurement area.


  • Analyze ₁₁Na to ₉₂U non-destructively
  • 1, 3 and 10 mm spot sizes, software selectable
  • High resolution imaging for accurate sample positioning
  • Powerful QuantEZ Windows®-based software
  • Solids, liquids, alloys, powders and thin films
  • 60kV X-ray tube for wide elemental coverage
  • FAST SDD® detector for superior counting statistics
  • Multiple automated tube filters for enhanced sensitivity
  • Unmatched performance-to-price ratio
  • Optional RPF-SQX fundamental parameters software
  • Optional standardless fundamental parameters software


Product name



X-ray fluorescence (XRF)


Elemental analysis of solids, liquids, powders, alloys and thin films


Energy dispersive XRF (EDXRF) using SDD detector

Core attributes

12 W, 60 kV X-ray tube, SDD detector, analyze Na to U

Core options

He-flush, vacuum, autosampler, spinner (single position), FP


External PC, MS Windows® OS , QuantEZ software

Core dimensions

356 (W) x 260 (H) x 351 (D) mm


Approx. 27 kg (core unit)

Power requirements

1Ø, 100/220 VAC 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A

"The Rigaku NEX DE offers unmatched EDXRF analysis precision and speed,
setting new standards in elemental quantification."

Product FAQ's

It can analyse a wide range of samples, including solids, liquids, and thin films, without compromising sample integrity.

The SDD offers enhanced sensitivity and resolution, allowing for more precise and quicker elemental analysis.

Thanks to the intuitive QuantEZ software, users can perform complex analyses with minimal training. User training is included with the sales of every NEX-DE.

Absolutely, its high precision and wide elemental coverage make it suitable for meeting strict regulatory standards.

Its combination of high-resolution analysis, non-destructive testing, and ease of use offers significant long-term value and versatility.

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