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Setline DSC and DSC+

Setline DSC and DSC+ by SETARAM feature robust DSC Sensor Technology and a 59-Position Auto-Sampler, offering efficient thermal analysis capabilities.

Product Overview

Setline DSC and DSC+ are cutting-edge Thermal Analysis Instruments developed by SETARAM. Designed with robust DSC Sensor Technology, these instruments are suitable for various applications where heat flow measurements are required as materials are heated or cooled.  The DSC+ version features a 59-Position Auto-Sampler, enhancing efficiency. Powered by Calisto Thermal Analysis Software, Setline DSC and DSC+ ensure precise and reliable thermal analysis at an economical price.

Features & Benefits


Precision Assured:
Robust DSC Sensor Technology

High Efficiency:
59-Position Auto-Sampler"

Versatile Applications:
From OIT to Pyrolysis

Affordable Excellence: Economically Priced

Expert Support:
SETARAM's Technical Assistance

Key applications

  • Robust DSC Sensor Technology: Ensures accurate and consistent results.
  • 59-Position Auto-Sampler (DSC+ version): Enhances efficiency and throughput.
  • Calisto Thermal Analysis Software: User-friendly software for comprehensive analysis.
  • High-Pressure Crucibles: Allows up to 500 bar at 600°C for versatile applications.
  • Economically Priced Instrument & Sensor: Affordable without compromising quality.
  • Versatility: Suitable for education, quality control, and advanced research.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership: Offers value for investment.
  • Technical & Application Support: Reliable support from SETARAM’s experts.

Setline DSC and DSC+ Product Video

About the Setline DSC and DSC+

Setline DSC and DSC+ by SETARAM represent a new era in Thermal Analysis Instruments. These state-of-the-art instruments are designed to meet the diverse needs of laboratories, combining robust DSC Sensor Technology with a 59-Position Auto-Sampler in the DSC+ version.

The problem of complex and expensive thermal analysis systems is addressed by Setline DSC and DSC+. With their versatile design, they are suitable for a wide range of thermal analysis measurements.

The standout feature, the 59-Position Auto-Sampler in the DSC+ version, enhances efficiency, allowing for high throughput. Paired with Calisto Thermal Analysis Software, it ensures user-friendly operation and comprehensive analysis.

The economically priced instrument and sensor, coupled with the lower cost of ownership, make Setline DSC and DSC+ an attractive option for laboratories seeking quality and affordability. Backed by SETARAM’s technical and application support, these instruments are not just tools but complete solutions for thermal analysis.

"The Setline DSC/DSC Plus by Setaram Solutions is an advanced differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) instrument designed for precise thermal analysis applications."

Product FAQ's

Robust DSC Sensor Technology is used for precise analysis.

Yes, the DSC+ version includes a 59-Position Auto-Sampler.

Calisto Thermal Analysis Software is used for comprehensive analysis.

Yes, they are suitable for education, quality control, and advanced research.

SETARAM, a leading provider of thermal analysis solutions, manufactures Setline DSC and DSC+.

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