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Setline STA/STA+

Revolutionise thermal analysis with Setline STA/STA+ by SETARAM, featuring DSC Sensor Technology, accurate  balance technology and a 49-Position Auto-Sampler 

Product Overview

Setline STA/STA+ is a state-of-the-art Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA) system developed by SETARAM. Designed with DSC Sensor Technology and a robust balance, it offers a compact design suitable for quality control needs, education, and basic research. The STA+ version includes a 49-Position Auto-Sampler, enhancing efficiency. Powered by Calisto Thermal Analysis Software, Setline STA/STA+ ensures accurate thermal characterization and compositional analysis.

Features & Benefits

Precision Guaranteed: DSC Sensor Technology

Efficiency Boost:
49-Position Auto-Sampler

Calisto Thermal Analysis Software

Versatile Applications:
Quality Control to Research

Affordable Excellence:
Lower Cost of Ownership

Key applications

  • DSC Sensor Technology: Advanced sensor technology for precise analysis.
  • Robust Balance: Ensures stability and accuracy in measurements.
  • Compact Design: Ideal for various laboratory environments.
  • 49-Position Auto-Sampler (STA+ version): Enhances efficiency and throughput.
  • Calisto Thermal Analysis Software: User-friendly software for comprehensive analysis.
  • Versatility: Suitable for quality control, education, and research.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership: Affordable without compromising quality.
  • Technical & Application Support: Reliable support from SETARAM.

Setline STA/STA+ Product Video

About the Setline STA/STA+ by SETARAM

Setline STA/STA+ by SETARAM is a breakthrough in the field of Simultaneous Thermal Analysis. Designed to meet the diverse needs of laboratories, it combines DSC Sensor Technology with a robust balance to deliver precise and reliable results.

The problem of cumbersome and expensive thermal analysis systems is addressed by Setline STA/STA+. With its compact design, it fits into various laboratory environments, making it accessible for quality control needs, education, and basic research.

The standout feature, the 49-Position Auto-Sampler in the STA+ version, enhances efficiency, allowing for high throughput. Paired with Calisto Thermal Analysis Software, it ensures user-friendly operation and comprehensive thermal/tga analysis.

The lower cost of ownership, without compromising quality, makes Setline STA/STA+ an attractive option for laboratories on a budget. Backed by SETARAM’s technical and application support, it’s not just an instrument but a complete solution for thermal analysis.

"The Setline STA/STA+ combines thermal analysis, advanced sensors, an optional auto-sampler, and easy software for compact, reliable testing in education and quality control."

Product FAQ's

Robust DSC Sensor Technology is used for precise analysis.

Yes, the STA+ version includes a 49-Position Auto-Sampler.

Calisto Thermal Analysis Software is used for comprehensive analysis.

Yes, it’s suitable for quality control needs, education, and basic research.

SETARAM, a leading provider of thermal analysis solutions, manufactures Setline STA/STA+.

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