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Setline TGA

Setline TGA by SETARAM is a solution that offers precise temperature and mass variation measurements, ideal for polymers, pharmaceuticals, and thermal stability studies.

Product Overview

Setline TGA by SETARAM is a cutting-edge solution designed for Temperature and Mass Variation Measurements. With Hang-Down Balances and an Efficient Temperature Calibration System, it provides accurate analysis for various applications. Its Compact Design, coupled with Calisto Thermal Analysis Software, makes it suitable for Polymers and Elastomers Characterization, Pharmaceuticals Analysis, and many other applications.. Setline TGA ensures quality and efficiency at a Lower Cost of Ownership.

Features & Benefits

Precision Guaranteed: Hang-Down Balances

Efficient Calibration: Temperature Calibration System

Versatile Analysis:
Polymers, Pharmaceuticals, Coals

Calisto Thermal Analysis Software

Affordable Solution:
Lower Cost of Ownership

Key applications

  • Temperature and Mass Variation Measurements: Accurate and reliable analysis.
  • Hang-Down Balances: Ensures precision in measurements.
  • Efficient Temperature Calibration System: Guarantees accurate calibration.
  • Compact Design: Space-saving and convenient.
  • Calisto Thermal Analysis Software: Enhances functionality and user experience.
  • Polymers and Elastomers Characterization: Ideal for material studies.
  • Pharmaceuticals Analysis: Suitable for detailed pharmaceutical research.
  • Coals, Oils, Lubricants Study: Versatile in various industrial applications.
  • Thermal Stability of Elastomers: Provides valuable insights.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership and Technical Support: Affordable with ongoing support.

Setline TGA Product Video

About the Setline TGA

Setline TGA represents SETARAM’s commitment to innovation and quality. The integration of Hang-Down Balances and an Efficient Temperature Calibration System reflects a dedication to precision and reliability. Its Compact Design and compatibility with Calisto Thermal Analysis Software take user convenience to a new level.

The versatility of Setline TGA, with its wide range of applications, including Compositional Analysis of Minerals and Rubber, makes it a valuable asset for various industries. Its user-friendly interface ensures that it is accessible to a broad spectrum of users, from seasoned professionals to newcomers.

The affordability of Setline TGA, along with ongoing Technical Support, makes it a wise investment. Whether for in-depth research or routine analysis, Setline TGA is a partner in innovation, reflecting SETARAM’s expertise in thermal analysis technology.

"The Setline TGA from SETARAM is a compact and efficient thermogravimetric
analyzer, ideal for education and quality control, with precise mass
measurement and user-friendly software."

Product FAQ's

It’s suitable for Polymers, Pharmaceuticals, Coals, Oils, Lubricants studies, and many others.

Through Hang-Down Balances and an Efficient Temperature Calibration System.

Yes, with its Compact Design and Calisto Thermal Analysis Software, it’s very user-friendly.

SETARAM offers Lower Cost of Ownership and dedicated Technical Support.

Yes, it’s designed for such analyses, along with other applications like Moisture and Volatiles Content Analysis.

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