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Sherwood 926 Chloride Analyser

Sherwood 926
Chloride Analyser

The Sherwood Model 926 Chloride Analyser is used for the determination of Chloride Ions (Cl-) in both human and animal food products, agriculture, cement, gypsum and the pharmaceutical and water industries.

Product Overview

Designed for the determination of Chloride ions, the Sherwood Scientific Chloride analysers are manufactured in Cambridge, UK by Sherwood Scientific Ltd.

The 926 method is based on a coulometric titration using silver nitrate: the reagent (Silver ions) is precisely and quantitatively generated, at the time of analysis, by passing a constant current between electrodes. The end-point is determined when there are no more chloride ions to form the insoluble silver chloride and the excess Silver ions from the reagent cause a change in conductivity; detected by the detector electrodes.

The method also requires a buffer solution. The Sherwood Buffer solution is a non-hazardous mixture of acids with other components designed to give highly reproducible results when used with the Models 926 and 926S. It provides the medium required for the dissolution and reaction between the Silver and Chloride ions.

Features & Benefits

Sherwood 926 Chloride Analyser

Simple Operation

Compact Design

Key Features

  • Coulometric Titration Method: Provides accurate and reliable chloride measurement.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for food, industrial, water testing, polymer washes, and soil salinity studies.
  • Active Salt Software for Chloride Analysis: Enhances data processing and interpretation.
  • Chloride Analyser Buffer: Ensures stable and consistent results.
  • Ergonomic Design: Facilitates ease of use and maintenance.
  • Measurement in mg/l (ppm): Provides detailed and precise readings.

Chloride Analyser Product Video

About the Sherwood 926 Chloride Analyser

M926 Chloride Analyser for Food and Industrial Products

Measurement of Salt (Sodium Chloride) in the Food and Dairy Industry is a universal requirement. The M926 Chloride Analyser is the instrument of choice for many food manufacturers and analysts worldwide because of the instrumental endpoint detection and the option to read Salt concentration directly.

Salt and salinity also represent serious contamination in many industrial processes. The sensitivity of this coulometric method enables ppm range measurement in samples such as boiler feed water, polymer washes, borehole slurries, soil salinity studies and chemicals.

The M926 Chloride Analyser is calibrated in ppm (mg/l) Chloride. The Select Button offers the immediate conversion of Chloride content into mg% Salt (Sodium Chloride) of the original sample*.

* assumes ratio 1g of sample to 100ml diluent


Active Salt Software was developed to enhance the 926 Chloride Analyser. Designed initially for the Cheese industry, the software may be applied to any food product requiring salt analysis in a food processor’s QA/QC Lab. Active Salt can collect data from a balance with RS232 output and Chloride analyser results. One PC with one Active salt package can collect data from two analysers and two balances.

Advantages include:

  • No transcription errors
  • Instant product salt content calculations
  • No need to achieve specific sample and diluent weights
Sherwood 926 Chloride Analyser

M926S for Clinical Samples

The M926S provides precise measurement of Chloride in numerous sample types. It is intended for general laboratory use and calibrated to give results in mmol/l Chloride. The Select Button allows the Operator to choose to work with 20µl or 100µl sample volumes.

The M926S is widely used for Chloride determination in Sweat samples. A linearity study supports the claimed measuring range of 10 – 299 mmol/l for the M926S Chloride Analyser system and meets the recommended measuring range for Sweat Chloride Analysis by the National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and CLSI EPC34-A3.

The M926 and M926S are factory-calibrated devices and can be used out of the box. Contact us for our special offers or a demonstration.

Product Specifications

Instrument Model



Industrial: Chloride measurement in mg/l (ppm)



Calibrated Sample Size


Readout Range

0 – 999mg/l (2 – 165 mg% Salt)

Limit of Detection for 500µl sample



±3mg/l at the 200mg/l level


CV<1% for 20 replicate samples @200mg/l
(excluding pipetting errors)

Measurement Time

36 seconds to 100mg/l

Voltage (Mains Adapter Input)

100 – 240V, 50 – 60 Hz, 0.6A


315 x 200 x 250mm

Packed Size

385 x 370 x 450mm

Net Weight

1.9 Kg

Gross Weight

5.4 Kg

Packed Unit Contents

M926 Chloride Analyser, Printer Cable 9 way RS232, Buffer (500ml), 200mg/l Chloride Standard Solution (100ml), 1 Pack of Anodes, 1 Pack of Electrodes, 2 Marked Beakers, Silver Electrode Polish, Stirrer, Operator Manual, Universal Mains Adapter and USB lead A(M) – B(M)

"The M926 Chloride Analyser is renowned for precise salt measurement
in food and industrial applications, offering direct salt concentration readings"

Product FAQ's

A stable reading should be displayed within 36 seconds of pressing the ‘titrate’ button, at a Chloride concentration level of 200mg/l

The analyser requires a conditioning cycle when turned on or the buffer changed. Simply add buffer to the beaker and press condition. To analyse a sample add 0.5mls to the buffer and press titrate. Several samples can be analysed before the buffer should be changed.

Solid samples will need to be prepared – for example macerate or crush the sample and dilute with distilled water. Then either filter or centrifuge the sample and take 0.5mls to analyse.

The Active Salt Software can automatically calculate and store results when both a balance and the Chloride Analyser and linked to the PC. Sample names can be entered for each sample.


Application Note 1

Application Note 2

Application Note 3

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