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Sherwood Laboratory Fluid Bed Dryer

Revolutionary Sherwood Laboratory Fluid Bed Dryer for rapid drying and moisture content analysis in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and foodstuff.

Product Overview

The Sherwood Laboratory Fluid Bed Dryer is a state-of-the-art laboratory scale dryer designed for rapid drying technology.

With its microprocessor-controlled system, it offers precise control and efficiency in drying heat-sensitive materials. Ideal for pharmaceutical drying equipment, chemical drying solutions, and foodstuff and mineral drying, the Model 501 is a versatile and essential tool for modern laboratories and industrial applications.

Features & Benefits

Customisable Drying Cycles

Tailored Solutions

Heat Sensitive Handling

Quality Preservation

Microprocessor Control

Consistent Results

Key applications of Sherwood Laboratory Fluid Bed Dryer

  • Programmable Fluid Bed Dryer: Allows for custom drying cycles and precise control.
  • Heat Sensitive Material Drying: Ensures integrity and quality of delicate materials.
  • Moisture Content Analysis: Accurate measurement for various applications.
  • Industrial Dryer Design: Robust construction suitable for both laboratory and industrial use.
  • Microprocessor Controlled Dryer: Offers consistency and repeatability in drying processes.

Rigaku Micro-Z ULS Product Video

About the Sherwood Scientific Model 501

The Sherwood Laboratory Fluid Bed Dryer is a breakthrough in in-lab dryer technology. It’s not just a machine but a comprehensive solution for material drying behavior studies. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or foodstuff, the Model 501 offers unparalleled performance.

Versatility and Customisation: With its programmable features, the Model 501 can be tailored to various drying needs. Its microprocessor-controlled system ensures that each drying cycle is consistent and repeatable, offering flexibility for different materials.

Heat-Sensitive Material Handling: One of the standout features of the Model 501 is its ability to handle heat-sensitive materials. This ensures that the integrity and quality of the materials are preserved, making it suitable for pharmaceutical drying equipment and chemical drying solutions.

Moisture Content Analysis: The Sherwood Laboratory Fluid Bed Dryer offers accurate moisture content analysis, essential for various applications. This feature enhances quality control and ensures that the final product meets the desired standards.

Industrial Design: With its robust construction, the Sherwood Laboratory Fluid Bed Dryer is suitable for both laboratory and industrial use. Its design is scalable, allowing for adaptation to different environments and needs.

Environmental Considerations: The Model 501 is designed with environmental considerations in mind. Its energy-efficient operation reduces waste and promotes sustainable practices.

Applications: From pharmaceuticals to foodstuff and minerals, the Model 501 is versatile and can be used in various industries. Its analytical fluid bed dryer capabilities make it a must-have tool for modern laboratories.

Support and Training: SciMed offers comprehensive support and training for the Model 501, ensuring that users can maximise its capabilities.

"The Model 501 Fluid Bed Dryer quickly breaks up wet samples,
enabling rapid moisture removal and drying 5kg of wet sample in 15-20 minutes"

Product FAQ's

Yes, it’s designed to dry heat-sensitive materials without compromising quality.

Yes, its robust design makes it suitable for both laboratory and industrial applications.

It can dry pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foodstuff, minerals, and more.

The drying cycle can be customized, typically ranging from 10-30 minutes.

Yes, Sherwood Scientific offers comprehensive support and training.

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