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Simultix 15

High-throughput elemental analysis with Rigaku’s Simultix 15 WD-XRF.

Product Overview

The Rigaku Simultix 15, a simultaneous wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WD-XRF) spectrometer, is the epitome of high-throughput elemental analysis.

Designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of industries requiring precision and speed, such as steel and cement, the Simultix 15 offers unparalleled analytical capabilities.

With its advanced features and powerful software, this spectrometer is a versatile tool for a wide range of applications, ensuring accurate and rapid results.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Intensity

Multi-layer Crystal produce 30% greater intensity

Dual Analysis

XRF and XRD quantitative capabilities

Integrated Automation

Optional, high-throughput automatic sample feed system

Key applications of Simultix 15

  • Synthetic Multi-layers RX-SERIES: Enhanced intensity with the new RX85 multi-layer crystal.
  • XRD Channel: Enables both XRF and XRD quantitative analysis.
  • Doubly Curved Crystal: Increased intensity compared to single curved crystal.
  • Enhanced Software: Ease of use and enhanced quantitative condition setting through analysis flow bar.
  • Heavy and Light Scanning Goniometer: Wide element range supports standardless semi-quantitative analysis.
  • Automatic Pressure Control (APC): Automated vacuum control ensures maximum stability and enhances light element analysis performance.
  • Up to 40 Fixed Channels: Standard 30 channels with an option to upgrade.
  • Sample Loading Unit Automation: Seamless integration with third-party belt-in sample feed system.

Simultix 15 Product Video

About the Simultix 15

The Rigaku Simultix 15 is not just another WD-XRF spectrometer; it’s a culmination of over 40 years of expertise and innovation by Rigaku in industries where high-throughput and precision are paramount. In industries such as steel and cement manufacturing, the need for reliable and rapid elemental analysis is ever-present. The Simultix 15 addresses these needs head-on.

At its core, the Simultix 15 boasts the new synthetic multi-layer crystal (RX85), which offers 30% greater intensity, ensuring faster and more accurate results. The innovative integration of a dedicated XRD channel allows users to combine the advantages of both XRF and XRF for a fully quantitative sample characterisation. The optional doubly curved crystal further enhances the intensity, ensuring that even trace elements are detected with high precision.


The Simultix 15 state-of-the-art hardware is complemented by its user-friendly software. Ongoing feedback from RIGAKU’s vast user base allows for incorporated features that make the software more intuitive and easier to use.

This, combined with features like the Automatic Pressure Control (APC) and the quantitative scatter ratio method, ensures that the Simultix 15 is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution for all elemental analysis needs; offering superior performance and speed.

"Simultix 15 enables both XRF and XRD quantitative analysis."

Product FAQ's

The RX85 multi-layer crystal produces about 30% greater intensity, ensuring faster and more accurate results.

Yes, the Simultix 15 is equipped with an XRD channel, allowing for both XRF and XRD quantitative analyses.

The APC system maintains a constant vacuum level in the optical chamber, dramatically improving the precision of light element analysis.

The Simultix 15 supports a standard 30 fixed channels, with an option to upgrade to 40 channels.

Yes, the software for the Simultix 15 has been enhanced for improved operability and user-friendliness.

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