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Spectroil Q100: Next-Gen Elemental Spectrometer for Oil Analysis

Spectroil Q100

Revolutionise oil analysis with Spectroil Q100, a bench-top system offering immediate results using the Rotating Disc Electrode (RDE) technique.

Product Overview

The Spectroil Q100 is a cutting-edge elemental spectrometer designed for wear debris analysis and contamination detection and trace levels. Compliant with ASTM D6595, this bench-top system provides multi-element analysis in just 30 seconds. Trusted by military and Formula One racing teams, it requires no solvents or gases, making it an environmentally friendly option for immediate on-site results.

Features & Benefits

Spectroil Q100: Next-Gen Elemental Spectrometer for Oil Analysis

30-Second Analysis

Immediate Results

RDE Technique

Precision Analysis

Trusted by Professionals

Military & Racing Teams

Key applications

  • 30-Second Analysis Time: Rapid detection of wear metals and contaminants.
  • Rotating Disc Electrode (RDE) Technique: Ensures accurate and consistent results.
  • Multi-Element Analysis: Analyzes up to 31 elements including wear metals like Al, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, and contaminants like B, Ca, K, Si, Na.
  • ASTM D6595 Compliant: Meets industry standards for reliability, complete with traceable verification standards.
  • No Solvent or Gases Required: Eco-friendly and cost-effective.
  • Trusted by Military and Formula One Racing Teams: Proven performance in demanding environments, where reacting to the earliest signs of abnormal wear is paramount.

Spectroil Q100 Product Video

About the Spectroil Q100

The Spectroil Q100 represents a significant advancement in the field of oil analysis. This elemental spectrometer is designed to address the growing need for rapid, accurate, and environmentally responsible testing. Utilizing the Rotating Disc Electrode (RDE) technique, it offers a 30-second analysis time, allowing for immediate on-site results.

The introduction of the Spectroil Q100 solves the problem of time-consuming and complex oil analysis. By providing a bench-top system that requires no solvents or gases, it not only reduces operational costs but also promotes sustainability. Its compliance with ASTM D6595 ensures that the results are reliable and consistent across various applications.

The standout features of the Spectroil Q100 include its ability to detect wear metals and contaminants, additive concentrations, and its trusted use by military and Formula One racing teams. These features directly benefit customers by offering a quick, accurate, and eco-friendly solution for oil analysis.

SpectrOil_100 Series

"The Spectroil Q100 is a highly efficient elemental analyzer
for lubricants and fuels, essential for equipment maintenance and
reliability across various industries."

Product FAQ's

It takes only 30 seconds for a complete analysis.

Yes, it is compliant with ASTM D6595.

Yes, it can detect a wide range of wear metals and contaminants.

No, it does not require any solvents or gases.

Yes, it is trusted by military and Formula One racing teams.


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