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Subcritical Water extraction

Subcritical Water Processing System

Core Water: Advanced Subcritical Water Processing System is an innovative system for eco-friendly, high-pressure water extraction of natural products.

Product Overview

The Core Water System pioneers the field of subcritical water processing, offering a high-pressure water extraction method that is both eco-friendly and highly efficient.

Designed to extract polar compounds or perform chemical transformations such as protein hydrolysis, this system leverages the unique properties of water under subcritical conditions. It’s an ideal solution for industries and research facilities looking to implement sustainable extraction solutions without compromising on efficiency or effectiveness.

With its advanced technology, the Core Water System represents a significant step forward in environmental extraction technologies.

Features & Benefits

Subcritical Water extraction

Efficient Compound Extraction

Subcritical Water

Green Alternative

Eco-Friendly Methods

Advanced Hydrolysis

Protein Technology

Key applications

  • Subcritical Water Processing: Utilizes water at high temperatures and pressures to extract compounds efficiently.
  • Eco-Friendly Extraction Methods: Provides a green alternative to traditional solvent-based extraction methods.
  • High-Pressure Water Extraction: Enables the extraction of a wide range of polar compounds with precision.
  • Protein Hydrolysis Technology: Facilitates the breakdown of proteins into amino acids or smaller peptides.
  • Tuneable Polarity Water Extraction: Adjusts the polarity of water to optimize extraction processes for specific compounds.

Subcritical Water Processing System Product Videos

About the Subcritical Water Processing System

Introducing the Core Water System, a revolutionary approach to the extraction and processing of natural products through subcritical water processing.

This cutting-edge system addresses the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly extraction methods that do not compromise on efficiency or yield. Traditional solvent-based extraction techniques, while effective, pose significant environmental risks and challenges, including solvent disposal and the potential for residual solvents in final products.

The Core Water System emerges as a solution to these challenges, leveraging the unique properties of water at high temperatures and pressures to extract a wide range of polar compounds effectively.

The problem of sustainability in the extraction industry is a pressing one, with increasing regulatory and consumer demand for environmentally responsible practices.


The Core Water System meets this demand head-on by offering an advanced water processing system that eliminates the need for harmful solvents.

Its capability for high-pressure water extraction and protein hydrolysis technology not only ensures high efficiency and specificity in extracting desired compounds but also supports the breakdown of complex biomolecules, making it invaluable for applications ranging from pharmaceuticals to food science.

Standout features of the system include tuneable polarity water extraction, which allows for the precise targeting of compounds based on their polarity, and high-temperature water processing, capable of achieving results that were previously only possible with organic solvents or high acid concentrations.

The Core Water System represents a paradigm shift in extraction technology, providing a sustainable, effective, and versatile tool for industries and researchers alike, looking to push the boundaries of what is possible in natural product extraction.

"The Core Water system from Core Separations pioneers in water treatment technology,
delivering unparalleled purification and efficiency for a sustainable future."

Product FAQ's

Subcritical water processing uses water at high temperatures and pressures, below its critical point, to extract compounds efficiently, offering an eco-friendly alternative to solvent-based methods.

Yes, it’s designed for a wide range of natural products, especially effective in extracting polar compounds and performing protein hydrolysis.

By eliminating the need for chemical solvents and utilizing water, an abundant and non-toxic resource, for extraction, it significantly reduces environmental impact.

Absolutely, its high-pressure water extraction and customisable settings make it scalable for both research and industrial applications.

Its ability to perform efficient, high-temperature extractions without solvents, offering a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable method.


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