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Themys One & One Plus

Themys One & One Plus: Premier Thermal Analysers offer advanced thermal analysers for unparalleled high-temperature analysis and material characterisation.

Product Overview

The Themys One thermal analyser, along with its enhanced version, the Themys One Plus, sets a new standard in thermal analysis.

Designed for high-throughput temperature heat flow measurement, mass variation analysis, and evolved gas analysis, these systems offer unparalleled sensitivity and precision. Ideal for applications ranging from polymer analysis to inorganic material testing, the Themys One series provides comprehensive solutions for thermal stability testing, material composition analysis, and catalysts thermal testing.

With its state-of-the-art TGA analysis sensitivity balance and interchangeable rods for thermal analysis, this equipment is indispensable for researchers and professionals seeking accurate high temperature thermal analysis.

Features & Benefits


Precise Temperature Readings

Accurate Mass Change Detection

Advanced Evolved Gas Analysis

Key applications

  • High-throughput Temperature Measurement: Ensures fast and accurate temperature readings across a wide range.
  • Mass Variation Analysis Equipment: Delivers precise mass change data for comprehensive material analysis.
  • Heat and Heatflow Measurement Tools: Provides detailed insights into material reactions and transformations.
  • Evolved Gas Analysis Systems: Equips users with advanced capabilities for analysing gases released during heating.
  • High Temperature Thermal Analysis: Ideal for applications requiring extreme temperature conditions.
  • TGA Analysis Sensitivity Balance: Offers unmatched sensitivity for detecting the smallest mass changes.
  • Interchangeable Rods Thermal Analysis: Allows for easy adaptation to various analysis requirements.
  • Thermal Analysis Auto-sampler: Enhances productivity through automated sample handling.

Themys One & One Plus Product Videos

About the Themys One & One Plus

Introducing the Themys One and Themys One Plus thermal analysers: the culmination of advanced engineering and meticulous design to meet the rigorous demands of modern thermal analysis.

At the core of these instruments lies the capability to perform high-throughput temperature measurement and mass variation analysis with unparalleled precision.

Designed to cater to a broad spectrum of materials, from polymers to inorganic compounds and catalysts, these systems offer comprehensive thermal analysis solutions.

The need for accurate thermal analysis in material science cannot be overstated. Researchers and professionals face the challenge of not only characterising materials but also understanding their thermal stability, composition, and behaviour under various conditions.

The Themys One series directly addresses these needs by providing sophisticated equipment capable of high temperature thermal analysis, mass and heatflow measurement, and evolved gas analysis.


One of the standout features of the Themys One series is its TGA analysis sensitivity balance, which ensures that even the most minute mass changes are detected, a crucial aspect for material decomposition analysis and thermal stability testing.

Additionally, the interchangeable rods system facilitates seamless adaptation to different analysis requirements, enhancing the versatility of the equipment.

The integration of an auto-sampler further streamlines the analysis process, enabling high-throughput testing with minimal manual intervention.

The Themys One series is not just about advanced features; it’s about providing solutions that enhance the efficiency and accuracy of thermal analysis.

Whether it’s for research and development, quality control, or academic study, these thermal analysers offer the reliability, precision, and flexibility needed to advance material science.

"The Themys One & One Plus redefine thermal analysis with unmatched precision and user-friendly operation, revolutionising material characterisation"

Product FAQ's

The Themys One Plus offers enhanced increased throughput options, catering to more demanding analysis requirements.

Absolutely, the Themys One series is equipped with polymer thermal analysis solutions, making it ideal for studying material properties, decomposition, and thermal stability of polymers.

Yes, the Themys One series can be linked to analytical instruments for evolved gas analysis allowing for the detailed analysis of gases released during thermal decomposition.

The thermal analysis auto-sampler automates sample introduction, increasing throughput and precision while reducing the potential for human error.

Indeed, the Themys One series is designed for both mass variation analysis and heat and heatflow measurement, providing a comprehensive overview of material behaviour under thermal stress.

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